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Prokennex Kinetic
prokennex kinetic
While you swing a Kinetic racquet, the elements of kinetic mass, housed in dozens of chambers around the racquet head, are storing energy! When the ball makes contact with the stringbed, the strings flex and the ball compresses, dropping its speed to zero. The racquet frame then flexes backward as your swing continues and the ball assumes the racquet’s forward speed. Now the scientifically calculated Kinetic reaction can take place. The ball and strings start to release their stored energy, causing the ball to go faster than the racquet.

The released energy from the ball and strings triggers the Kinetic Mass. It explodes forward in all 100 chambers. The activated mass joins with the mass of the racquet to increase the area of efficiency (see below) of the hitting surface and magnify the possibilities of a good shot.
Area of Efficiency:
The Kinetic system increases the player’s odds for great contact by freeing the players from the constraints of the sweet spot. When the Kinetic chambers release their stored energy, it gives it to the racquet. New momentum stabilizes the entire hitting surface, giving shots more precise on off-centered shots.
Active Damping System:
The Kinetic system virtually eliminates the harmful vibration produced when players hit the ball. Once the ball leaves the strings, the tiny elements of Kinetic mass actively damp the useless energy. The vibration is absorbed as it attempts to work its way through layers of active Kinetic mass, leaving players with a solid and comfortable feel.

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