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PROKENNEX® products deliver a remarkable performance solution or a notable design enhancement. They push product performance for players that are seeking to push their game and define their lifestyle. Overall, ProKennex provides the best and is for those who seek the best. As you will see with the Kinetic and Ionic technologies, Pro Kennex always takes tennis players' health into account when making their racquets. This allows for players to worry less about their physical problems and focus on enjoying the game.



Kinetic Technology


prokennex kinetic


A unique technology of ProKennex is the Kinetic technology. This patented technology contributes to the prevention of arm injuries by providing shock damping.


Kinetic mass is housed in chambers on four key balance positions in the head of the racket. When the ball hits the strings, it is surrounded by kinetic mass which makes sure that a great part of the shock is absorbed and that unwelcome vibrations in the frame are reduced. Less energy has to be invested by the player to gain the same results in impact pressure and precision.


The kinetic technology is the only racket technology in the world, scientifically proven, to be effective in shock reduction. It helps to dramatically reduce the risk of lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow) and has been known to cure and prevent tennis elbow.



Ionic Technology


prokennex ionic


The Ionic technology adds on to the famed Kinetic technology by adding a JETRON fill to the chambers. JETRON is an inelastic composition of ionizing carbon structures used as a coating to the Kinetic mass and chambers, creating a completely clean and a unique feel of pure atomic energy for players.


prokennex ionic


An electrostatic charge is produced by the Kinetic system during movement, causing Kinetic mass particles to cling or repel each other and to the capsule walls. The electrostatic condition inhibited the full potential of the Kinetic system. Thus by utilizing the IONIZERS, the electrostatic charges are eliminated. The anti-shock IONIZERS are electrically powered to produce a bulk of positive and negative ions. The charged surface attracts the appropriate amount of positive and negative ions from the IONIZER to become neutral. The result is the complete freedom of movement in the chambers, up to 56% more efficient than the Kinetic System.


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