Racquet of the Week: VOLKL Organix 4 with Catapult Effect Tennis Racquet

Welcome to Racquet of the Week! Today, the racquet of choice is the VOLKL Organix 4 with Catapult Effect. This racquet offers many additional features that are a step up from the PowerBridge 4. Let's check out the added technology to see what we're really getting out of this frame!

Volkl Organix 4 with Catapult Effect

Product Description from website:

In continued cooperation with renowned applied research facility, Fraunhofer Institute, the new Volkl Organix 4 is the successor to the popular 4 series, combining power, stability, comfort and maneuverability. With an oversized head and extended length, this update provides good power, while retaining classic Volkl comfort. Numerous changes have been made from the previous PowerBridge 4, with the most significant being the addition of the Organix material. This material utilizes the carbon nanotubes from the DNX lines with a cellulose additive, which provides both stability and comfort. The Organix 4 features a new system of visual cues called the Optispot system, which uses contrasting colors along the inside hoop area of the frame. The idea behind this is that contrasting colors ensures that one focuses on the difference, forcing the eyes to focus at the intersection, in the center of the stringbed, which results in more shots hitting the sweetspot. The popular Sensor handle system has been replaced by the Bio Sensor system. Offering 15% more dampening than the Sensor Tour system, the Bio handle is designed after the mass dampener pendulum design that provides protection for skyscrapers during hurricanes and earthquakes. By adding a weighted pin to the end of the handle, a counter vibration is created, effectively decreasing the strength of the incoming shock. Designed for players wanting an extended length racquet with excellent power and stability without sacrificing comfort, the versatile Organix 4 will perform best in the hands of players with moderate swing speeds.

The Assessment:

The description lets you know what the racquet should feel like and how it should react to hitting, but how does it actually play? One thing that Volkl promises us with this frame is decreased shock and increase in overall comfort. It doesn't disappoint as you can clearly notice the lack of vibration compared to similar style racquets. The Bio handle does its job, the racquet seems a lot easier on the arm and offers great maneuverability. Although the head size seems a little too big at 105 sq. inches, I think the bigger sweetspot will accommodate anyone nicely. This racquet's light weight adds to the ease and comfort on the arm when playing those long tough matches. If you're someone who really wants to lighten the load on your arm, this racquet seems to be designed to do just that. It is a very easy racquet to just pick up and start playing without too many hiccups. I'd recommend it to the 3.5+ players who are looking to decrease strain on the body, but keep that power they need.

Racquet Rating: 7 out of 10

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