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Shoe of the moment: Adidas CC Genius II men's tennis shoe

If you've ever asked the question "will there ever be a shoe that does it all?" the Adidas CC Genius II men's tennis shoe is here as the answer. Built for speed and agility, these shoes feature the Adidas Speedcut techology, lateral strips on the upper to provide better support at the forefoot, intended to allow players flawless footwork with no hiccups during game time. Standing for ClimaCool, the CC in the name tells you a great deal about what you're going to get out of this shoe. The technology in this shoe is intended for the optimal ventilation and breathability to cut down on odor. Strategically centered in key heat areas in the shoe, the venhilators give a 360° cooling system for your feet. There main intention isn't just to lower the temperature, but to combat humidity that can be trapped within the shoe while you play and prevent sweating. Another bonus are the layers of adiPRENE and adiWEAR. The adiWEAR placed in the outsole of the shoe works to give a longer life in high-wear areas while the adiPRENE protects your feet from high impacts on the court. The only thing this shoe seems to not do is play the game for you, not yet at least.

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