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Six Racquet Technologies You Don't Want to Miss

In today's fast paced tennis world, technologies are coming out all the time, promising to improve your game, enhance your comfort, and make you play your best tennis ever. But which of these high-tech developments are the most helpful? We've compiled a list of 6 can't-miss innovations that are changing the game of tennis.

1) Wilson: BLX Basalt

You may have heard of basalt before, but did you know it’s being used to enhance almost every aspect of the tennis racquet? According to Wilson, BLX Basalt technology is the wave of the future. This natural volcanic rock is formed into tiny, ultra-fine fibers that are woven with Wilson’s Karophite Black material to make a composite that reduces frequency and vibration while retaining the stability and responsiveness you need. The fiber combination dampens vibration without affecting feel and feedback, making your swings stable and steady, with tons of power and lightweight control.

2) Prince: EXO3

Prince’s EXO3 design makes use of large holes within the frame to capitalize on the tension and suspension in your strings. This grows the sweet spot to a much more functional size, allowing you to hit better shots every time. By changing the grommets in the EXO3 frame, Prince has liberated the strings of the racquet, giving you less restriction and therefore a more responsive, consistent feel that extends even to the outer edge of the frame. Even off-center shots on a smaller headsize will respond like perfectly hit balls thanks to the enhanced hitting zone of the EXO3 series.

3) Volkl: Organix

Taking a cue from nature, Volkl’s Organix technologyhas combined nanotubes of carbon with a cellulose filler, giving it a strong but flexible construction that results in a transfer of power from the frame directly – and completely – to the ball. As a bonding agent, the cellulose works to bind the tubes together, giving it a high tensile strength and a more comprehensive frame structure. The two materials work together to dampen vibration and retain strength, giving you up to 30% more power on every shot.

4) Head: Graphene

Head’s Graphene Technology is built into the frame in a hexagonal design that reduces racquet frame weight and adds powerful strength to every shot. The carbon atoms in Graphene join up in the most atomically strong structure in nature to create a material that is perfect for high-level performance. At .77 milligrams per square meter, Graphene weighs very little – meaning that Head can add weight to the racquet head where it is most efficient and useful, instead of all over. Weight redistributed to the tip and grip areas, plus the strength and structural integrity of Graphene, means these frames have higher kinetic energy, more power and pace, and a greater “plow through” on groundstrokes with the same amount of effort in the swing. Plus, increased handle weight adds stability and lessens recoil, to give you a powerful and performance-engineered racquet.

5) Babolat: Active Cortex System

Designed with comfort in mind, the Cortex System fromBabolat separates the shaft of the racquet from the handle with a polymer that acts as a super-absorber, dampening painful and unnecessary vibration. In thePure Drive and Pure Storm lines, this vibration reduction won’t affect your feel, either, meaning you get enhanced comfort and fewer vibrations without a reduction in feedback. In Babolat’s other Cortex-enabled racquets, vibrations and shock are eliminated to give you a comfortable swing and follow-through.

6) Dunlop: Biomimetics

Biomimetics is the science of mimicking the most brilliant designs from nature in man-made materials. The tools of nature have evolved to be as precise and useful as possible, and it is these technologies that Dunlop has been incorporating into their Biomimetic line of racquets. From the shark-inspired Aeroskin CX to enhance swingspeed, to the Gecko-Tac grip treatment for superior traction, to the MoS2 grommets which, like snake skin, are self-lubricating for smooth string movement to give you enhanced power – all of Dunlop’s Biomimetic technologies are rooted in nature, and engineered to give you the ultimate frame.

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