Speedy Style: Wilson’s Aerodynamic Fall Collection

We know Wilson is all about high-performance tennis equipment—from tennis balls to racquets and everywhere in between—but what about apparel? What you wear can have just as much of an effect on your game as the equipment you use. Wilson took this approach when they created the Fall 2012 line of tennis apparel, which focuses on bold details that have a job to do. 

Take a look at the back of the Laser Speed Crew—the eye-catching tri-color burnout pattern is made with zoned cooling mesh panels to strategically increase ventilation right where it’s needed.

This collection is designed to be lightweight and aerodynamic, featuring details like zoned cooling and seamless laser cut edges. Every piece in this collection promotes breathability by using strategic ventilation. You’ll even stay cool during your warm-up with pieces like the Blow Away Jacket. This lightweight layer features a back yoke panel with laser cut perforations for maximum airflow.

And you can’t beat bold details like asymmetrical colorblocking and a burnout mesh dot design like you’ll find on the Blow Away Crew. The dots on the front look like a cool pattern, but they’re actually mesh inserts seamlessly placed in strategic areas of the top to provide cooling. Pair any of these tops with a pair of super lightweight Blow Away Shorts in a coordinating color and you’ve got a high-performance look that really delivers.

Try out this bold collection for yourself. Click here to shop Wilson Fall 2012!

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