Stringing Specification




Each brand promotes their own unique performance strings. For more details regarding what our demos are strung with, please review the list below.


Wilson Demos:

Pro Staff V13 Family – Wilson Duo Power Hybrid (Mains- Luxilon Alu Power 125 / Crosses- NXT Power 16G)

Blade V7 Family – Wilson Duo Power Hybrid (Mains- Luxilon Alu Power 125 / Crosses- NXT Power 16G)

Ultra V3 Family – Wilson Duo Control Hybrid (Mains- Luxilon 4G Rough 125 / Crosses- NXT Control 16G)

Clash Family – Wilson Duo Feel Hybrid (Mains- Luxilon Element 125/ Crosses- NXT 16G)

Clash 100 & Clash 100 Tour are available in both options (Full Polyester – Luxilon 4G / Full Multi. – NXT 16G)


Babolat Demos:

2021 Pure Drive Family – Babolat Addixion 16G Full Set

2019 Pure Aero Family – Babolat Addixion 16G Full Set

Pure Strike 3RD Gen. Family – Babolat Hybrid (Mains- RPM Rough Red 17G / Crosses- Xcel 16G)

Pure Strike 3rd Gen. Team – Babolat Xcel 16G Full Set


Head Demos:

Graphene 360+ (Speed / Extreme / Instinct / Prestige / Radical) Family (exclude all PWR frames):

Head Hybrid (Mains- Hawk Touch 17G or Lynx 16G / Crosses- Velocity 16G)

Head PWR Frame- Head Velocity MLT 16G Full Set

Graphene 360+ Gravity (2021/2020) – Head Hawk Touch 17G or Lynx Tour 16G Full Set


Yonex Demos – All Yonex demos are strung with either full multifilament or polyester strings.

Multifilament – Yonex Rexis 16G (Black/Natural)

Polyester – Yonex Poly Tour Pro 16G (Blue/Yellow)


Dunlop Demos:

2021 CX Family – Dunlop Iconic All 17G Full Set

SX/FX/CS/CV Family – Dunlop Silk 16G (White/Black) Full Set


Tecnifibre Demos:

T-Fight RS (315/305/300) Family – Tecnifibre Razor Code White 16G Full Set

T-Fight RS (295/280) Family – Tecnifibre Triax Natural 16G Full Set

T-Flash/T-Rebound Family – Prestrung TGV (Black/Natural) 17G


Volkl Demos: All Volkl demos are strung with Volkl Power Fiber 12 Natural 16G


ProKennex Demos: All ProKennex demos are prestrung with manufacturer Synthetic gut 16G



Majority of our demos are originally strung at mid tension plus two.



Due to a shortage of inventory, we do have some variances in some of the models.

If you have questions or need any assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can reach our customer service center directly at (713)435-4816, or by email at


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