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Based in France, Technifibre has been outfitting tennis stars since 1979. A manufacturer of tennis strings, racquets, balls and accessories, Technifibre is currently the official ball and stringing service of Roland Garros.
A racquet like the TFight 335 showcases the technology Technifibre is known for. The TFight 335 features TexAlium, a composite fiber that is typically used by the aircraft and spacecraft industries. Adapting TexAlium for use in a racquet, Technifibre uses the material at strategic points in the TFight 335 to achieve torsion stability and reduce vibrations. The result? More power and control, and a high level of comfort.
The open string pattern of the TFight 335 also gives the ball more speed off the stringbed for better spin. It also gives a sense of increased dwell time, thanks to its flexible frame, and gives outstanding control from all areas of the court. When playing against a hard-hitting opponent, the TFight 335 provides excellent shock absorption, making this racquet very comfortable.
For deep hitting, you’ll want to maintain a long swing style, but flat serves will be very predictable. If you are seeking a tennis racquet with control with an open string pattern, the Technifibre TFight 335 is an ideal solution for you.
The Technifibre TFight 325 is a solid player’s racquet that also boasts the TexAlium technology. Favored by Fernando Verdasco, the TFight 325 offers terrific feel and control from any area of the court.
Players looking for a very solid and consistent response from the baseline should chose this model. In addition, slice and topspin are easily achieved with this racquet. Offering enough feel to allow for outstanding accuracy, the TFight 325 also has enough heft to give solid contact.
Even with a tight string pattern, you can expect good kick on serving. The firm stringbed also gives great control, and combined with the flexible frame response, any player would find the TFight 325 an asset on the court. It offers all the right response, without a lot of feedback. If a light and maneuverable racquet is your weapon of choice, you should check out the Technifibre TFeel 305.
The TFeel 305 gives stability and plenty of control. Its almost even balance allows for good access to spin and a nice response at the net. An excellent choice for doubles, the TFeel 305 is great for mid-court volleys and touch and angle shots, as well. The TFeel 305 is enhanced with Technifibre’s TexAlium technology, and has plenty of controllable power.
With a balance that is close to even, the TFlash 290 is a great racquet for players of many types and levels. This racquet is maneuverable and has a spin-friendly response, and aggressive players will enjoy the topspin and moderate power. It gives plenty of weight behind the ball, with a surprisingly stable feel for a racquet that is so light.
With lots of power, you would expect to find less control, but the TFlash 290 is great for touch shots and angles. It has solid “pop,” a stable response, and great spin capability on more aggressive swings.

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