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Tennis Accessory Guide

Tennis Accessory Guide

It's the little things that get us through! Tennis Express offers hundreds of tennis accessories to make tennis players smile. The best selection of tennis bags, tennis hats and caps, tennis visors and a huge selection of racket strings to ensure that you have everything you need when you hit the courts.
Tennis Bags:
Tennis Express offers the widest selection of tennis bags! We have tennis backpacks, triple, six, and twelve pack tennis bags in every color and size you could possibly need. We also carry all the best tennis brands like Nike, Adidas, Babolat, Fila, Prince, Fischer, Yonex, Head, Wilson, Technifibre, Volkl, Dunlop, and Jet. If you need a cool and functional top quality tennis bag, you'll find what you need at Tennis Express! With so many to chose from, you can be overwhelmed, but we've broken down some of the main selections to make your job of picking a little easier.
Duffel Style Tennis Bags:
The duffel tennis bags come in a variety of sizes and prices to meet the needs of players at different levels. With sizes ranging from the versatile three packs up to twelve packs for the dedicated tennis player, there are many choices. These duffel style bags are all fairly large with a single adjustable shoulder strap and a few organizational pockets. Many of the bags have one or more compartments that lock to ensure that valuables stay put while you hit the courts. The largest bags may have wheels to make it easier to carry the bag over long distances.
The smallest versions of the duffel style tennis bags hold three tennis rackets, usually in one single pocket. These bags will sometimes have a second large pocket to organize water bottles, shoes or valuables as well as some smaller organizational pockets. This bag is easy to bring along from clubhouse to gym and home again.
The mid-sized six or eight pack bags hold six to eight tennis rackets. These bags are traditionally larger, featuring the pockets for the tennis racquets as well as a large pocket for water bottles, shoes, a change of clothes, snacks and whatever else you need to get you through practice or match days. These tennis gear bags definitely take up more room in the car and do not store in most standard lockers, but you have the advantage of carrying everything with you in one organized and easily accessible bag. If you are a fan of a certain brand of tennis rackets, footwear or apparel you might find that you can coordinate with a specific bag. For example, if you are a Adidas Barricade shoe enthusiast there is the Barricade Tour 6 bag.
The largest size duffel style tennis bag carries twelve tennis rackets at a time. These bags can be bulky and impractical for the casual tennis player but for those who compete in multiple disciplines or in varying conditions these bags can be a lifesaver. Players who change racquets frequently, perhaps because they change court surfaces or because play both singles and doubles can now have their choice of rackets at their fingertips. Equally ideal for couples who want to combine all of their needs into one bag.
For the professional level bag, the Wilson (K) Pro Tour bags are the highest level of innovation and quality. Carried by the world's top tour professionals, including Roger Federer and Justine Henin-Hardenne, these tennis racket bags have Thermoguard and Moistureguard compartments to protect racquets from the elements. Moistureguard technology was developed to keep tennis racquet frames in optimum conditions no matter what the weather brings. The Thermoguard technology protects your gear from both extreme heat and extreme cold. If you aren't quite ready for the professional level bag, but still need something substantial, the (K) Tour Bags are the best selling signature Tour bag line with loads of features.
Tennis Backpacks:
Most of the major tennis racket bag makers have a backpack style bag available. The backpacks will usually hold one or two tennis rackets with another compartment for shoes or clothes and some smaller organizational pockets. Prince has a line of brightly colored bags, and Head and Babolat have brought their best to offer as well. Wilson has an extensive collection of tennis backpacks designed specially for women players. The Wilson Hope line, which supports breast cancer research, offers two versions of their pink backpack. They also offer their W line in a number of colors as well as other stylish backpacks.
The Jet brand has created several sack bags designed for use by tennis players. The sack bag is a very popular style of bag, having a smaller profile than many bags but with enough storage to keep you organized. This unique, lightweight tennis bag is loaded with features that tennis players want!
The bag is designed with an adjustable padded shoulder strap that can be worn on either shoulder or unzip the zipper and you have a two strap backpack.This bag also has a carrying handle and can be carried by hand. A drawstring top allows players to quickly load and unload the bag. For fast, easy access to the bottom of the bag, there is a zipper that runs the length of the back. This bag features one tennis racket pocket that can expand to hold up to two 112" racquets or one 135" racquet. On the front side, there is a name tag holder for quick identification and a zipper compartment with pockets inside to store odds and ends. On the side, there is an expansion zipper that can be opened to enlarge the main compartment. On the back side, there is a pocket above the strap with a fence hook in it and two zipper pockets for more outside storage.
Another popular style of bag is the one strap sling style. First popularized with messenger bag the industry has now combined the idea of the messenger bag and the backpack into one great product. The one strap sling style is comfortable to wear, secure from slipping and stylish as well. This bag features one large compartment that can hold two or three rackets, depending on their size. There are also interior compartments and exterior compartments to store all of your personal items that you might need. The style and practical nature of this bag mean that it transcends tennis, allowing you to go from court to clubhouse and beyond without missing a beat. The bag has durable straps, padded for comfort and top of the line construction means you can rely on this bag for years to come. Fun Hawaiian and floral prints as well as multiple colors make this bag fun, with a modern look.
Even the youngest tennis players carry quite a lot of gear around! However, depending on the age and size of your youth player you want to be careful about the size of bag that they use. Tennis Express carries several backpacks designed especially for young tennis players. Head brand tennis bags has worked with Venus and Serena Williams to create a line of brightly colored backpacks especially for junior players.
These bags can comfortably carry one tennis racket along with the odds and ends needed to get through the day. A number of secure pockets on the interior and exterior of the bag means that there is plenty of storage. Wilson has created a special Barbie backpack designed for young tennis players. This bag also holds one racquet comfortably with additional storage in pockets. The comfortable shoulder straps distribute the weight of the bag evenly reducing stress on young shoulders and backs.
Tennis Hats:
Tennis players rely on hats and visors to make their day on the courts more comfortable. The bill of the hat protects player's skin from the damaging rays of the sun and shades their eyes from the harsh glare of the sun. Many of the tennis hats feature mesh inserts that allow cooling air to flow into the cap. The major tennis apparel brands also make hats and visors so if you have a special preference for one brand over the other you can find just what you want.
The hats and visors created by Adidas use their ClimaCool technology. The ClimaCool® fabric construction actively conducts heat and sweat away from the body through a combination of heat and moisture-dissipating materials leaving players cooler and more comfortable. Many of the Adidas hats also have an ultraviolet protective finish that carries a sun protection factor (SPF) of 25.
The popular Life is Good cap brings its cheeky look at sports to tennis with a number of fun designs. They feature a variety of fun images relating to tennis and are perfect for on and off the court. Nike has integrated its Dri-FIT fabric technology into their cap construction. This moisture management fabric wicks moisture away from the skin minimizing the chance of sweat dripping into player's eyes.
Nike's performance tennis caps are lightweight and have a black underbill for reduced visual glare, mesh vents for cooling, and one-handed quick-adjust closure for on the fly adjustability. Like other leaders in the industry, Reebok has integrated their Play Dry technology into the fabrics of their hats to wick moisture away to the surface of the fabric where it can quickly evaporate keeping players drier and more comfortable.
Wilson also has a full line of Wimbledon Visors and US Open Hats that feature the logos of these great events. Perfect for any fan of competitive tennis! If you are particularly sensitive to the sun or live in a hot climate you might want to try Wilson's Total Eclipse Hat. This hat has cloth back that covers a player's neck, protecting it from the sun as it blocks most harmful UV rays. The hat features lightweight and breathable material for the ultimate in comfort and performance.
Tennis Strings:
Wondering when you should restring your tennis racquet? The common rule of thumb is to restring as often per year as you play per week, but at least twice per year. So, if you play three times a week you should restring your racket three times per year. This is just a rough guideline and depending on your style of play or what kind of string you prefer you might want to restring more often. Some types of tennis string lose tension faster than others, heavy spin hitters wear strings out much faster than flat hitters, and some players seem quite happy to let the strings decide when to be replaced -- by breaking.
There are a number of kinds of strings available for tennis players. Natural gut has been regarded as the premiere tennis string since the early 1800s. It has been, and remains, the most frequently used string on the pro tour. However, it can be much more expensive than other synthetic options and might not be the best choice for most amature players. Because of it's nature, natural gut does react to changes in humidity and temperature which can make string performance difficult to predict. Several top tennis brands make natural gut strings, among them are Wilson Natural Gut, Gama Natural Gut Tour 16, and Babolat VS Team Thermo.
Synthetic gut tennis string is what is most widely used by tennis players around the world. It is much easier to manufacture, much less expensive, has a longer 'shelf life', and is often more durable than natural gut. Synthetic strings are generally made from interwoven nylon filaments. The Wilson Reels feature the latest technologies for improved durability, comfort, feel and spin, designed for most types of players. These strings are european-made high performance strings and have excellent durability combined with complex multi-polymer blends for softer flex. These strings offer the closest playability to natural gut, absorb the most shock and produce the biggest sweetspot.
Prince's new Lightning synthetic tennis string offers all around performance. It introduces a new spring loaded powerfoil material which releases explosive energy on impact for greater power, while providing a broadband wear barrier for increased durability. Prince also has created a line of Performance synthetic gut strings that bring power, flexibility and durability to tennis players.
There are also strings which blend the natural gut and synthetic bringing together the best of each. Wilson' Champion's Choice combines the monofilament synthetic fiber and premium natural gut. This string is the fastest growing hybrid on tour.
There are also different gauges of tennis strings, so how do you know which you need? Thinner gauges offer more resiliency (often equated with "feel"), so something like a 16 gauge string is what most players use. The 16 gauge strings are usually durable enough that you don't have to restring your tennis racket too often, but preserves the feel preferred by players. Thicker strings last longer, so thick, 15 gauge strings are generally used in beginner and some intermediate tennis racquets. The 15 gauge strings are very durable and stand up to lengthy, repetitive practice sessions and perform well for beginners or players who don't get to the courts as often as they would like.
The finest gauge strings are 17 and 18 and they are considered the best at providing 'feel' for when players strike the ball. These are also most likely to wear out or break sooner than the other gauges. Each gauge (15, 16, 17, 18) has a light (L) variation that's a little thinner. These are distinguished by the (L) after the gauge designation.
Tennis Express offers the most extensive selection of tennis strings from great tennis brands such as:
We carry synthetic tennis strings or natural gut tennis string in 40 foot sets or 660 foot reels. No matter what kind of tennis string you prefer for you tennis racquet, Tennis Express is the place to find it!

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