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Tennis Gear Tips: Choosing the Right Racquet – Type

With so many different racquets on the market, it can often be overwhelming for tennis players to choose which racquet will suit their game the best. 

With many different things to consider, one of the most important things players should know is the three main types of racquets and how to determine which type is the best fit for each individual’s game..

Power racquets


- lighter - larger head size - open string pattern -

This type of racquet can provide generous amounts of power for a player who does not use a fast or full length swing. Because of the larger sweet spot, a power racquet can be a perfect racquet for someone with smaller and more relaxed sings to provide the needed power that their natural swing lacks.

Control Racquets


- heavier weight - smaller head size - string pattern vaaries - thinner frame width

The control racquet is designed for the players who have long and fast swings at the ball.  Since the racquet itself provides little power, much of the pace must be generated from the player.  The benefit of using such a heavy racquet lies in the stability and control that is provided.  This racquet is not the best for transitioning juniors unless they can handle the weight.

Knowing what types of racquet best suits your game is the first step to choosing the perfect racquet.

You can always reach out to us and have our team of friendly professionals help you out today!

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