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The Best of the Bloggers

Blogging with the Best

Blogging with the Best

By Tiffany Thor

Gone are the days when you needed a PhD in IT (only slight exaggeration) to construct and maintain a blogsite; today anyone who has the want and access to the internet has the opportunity to write a blog. But not just anyone can write a blog well. If I were a gambling kind of girl, I would be willing to bet you could seek out a new blog about tennis alone every day for the rest of your life and still not have read every blog about tennis that exists. (slightly larger exaggeration…or is it?). But who has that kind of time? Actually, the answer to that would be me. So as your close, personal, online friend whom you’ve never actually met, I present to you a quick look at some of my favs that are worth your time (zero exaggeration – they’re great). All of the blogs offer takes on the latest tournaments, but they each come at the tennis world from a different angle. Check them all out for a well-rounded view! In no particular order: - The voice is fresh, and the posts about what happens in the wonderful world of tennis when players step off the courts are fun to read, like the blogger’s experience with Zvonareva at the launch of the FILA Slam Class. There are also some great videos, like this Wilson commercial featuring some of your favorite players being bad.

The Fan Child’s Two Cents covers the controversies, the oops moments, and brings the past to the present with pieces like this video of legends Connors and McEnroe from 1977. provides personal commentary to get you thinking, like this recent piece that questions how Serena can have all these rivalries when by definition a rivalry requires both sides to be hostile. is all about taking your game to the next level without killing yourself. It offers all kinds of tips and tricks to improve your skills plus fun features like Fixation Fridays, which are the last Friday of every month and cover something tennis related that the blogger has been obsessed with that month. Also, the Tennis Quick Tips (TQT) podcasts are handy tools to take along with you wherever you go.

Oncourtadvantage is more than just the go-to for tennis coaching in Singapore; this site covers all relevant tennis-related topics, like this piece on the Andy Murray Song.

Best of the Bloggers has up-to-the-minute coverage of all the major tournaments, stats galore, and every piece of information you could possibly want to know about the players and upcoming matches. If you’re into live streaming, you’re in luck and will want to bookmark this site!

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