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Volkl has developed a cult following for many of their frame lines over the years, and their Organix series is yet another. Following Volkl’s tradition of head-light, softer flexing frames, the Organix series has found favor among players with arm injuries and those who prefer a more comfortable-feeling frame. For 2013, Volkl has expanded the line and improved on existing versions.

What’s New: Volkl has added Organix frames in all three areas of the line. In the game improvement section, the new Organix 1 takes power to the next level. A Power Arm energized string bed combines with a 115 square inch head size to take trampoline effect to a new height for maximum power. A 9 ounce frame weight and 27.8” length maximize racquet speed and leverage for players with shorter, slower swings. Catapult side springs increase ball pocketing for added comfort, and a Bio Sensor handle system takes up what little shock and vibration are left.

The “tweener” section is not forgotten, with two versions of the new Organix 7. Two weights are offered, with 295 and 310 gram versions to match to your swing speed. The Organix 7 295g is perfect for juniors just advancing to the tournament level. A full mid-plus 104 square inch head provides power and forgiveness on off-center hits, while its 24mm beam provides just the right balance of power and stability for developing swings. A classic 27 inch length is not too long for young bodies. A bright green paint job ensures you’ll be seen while demolishing your opponents with Organix power and feel. Those with stronger games should consider the Organix 7 310g model, with a half-ounce higher weight and 1/3” additional length for extra power and reach. Catapult side springs are added on this model to increase comfort.
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volkl organix V1 classic

Classics Redux: Two of Volkl’s most successful lines have been improved for 2013, and should be just as popular with their target players. The V1 Classic has been regarded as one of the most arm-friendly frames available since its introduction 14 years ago, and this year’s model continues that heritage. A dual-dampening system reduces torsional (twisting) shock by 70%, and vibration by 45%, resulting in one of the cleaner, more comfortable feeling frames available today. Big Grommet technology allows for increased string movement and a bigger sweet spot, meaning fewer arm-jolting mishits. Updated with Organix technology for added power, the 102 square inch Organix V1 Classic should be at the top of anyone’s list for arm-friendly power and control. Also available in oversize.

Volkl has left no one out of the mix for Organix power and comfort, and rewards stronger players for their patience with the new and improved Organix 10 Mid. Its 93 square inch head and 11.6 oz. weight make it a frame for big swings, and it rewards them with outstanding feel and control. Volkl’s new Optispot system helps the player get a laser-like focus on the sweet spot, and Organix has been added for additional power, making the Organix 10 Mid the perfect choice for high-level tournament play.

What’s Not to Love? Volkl’s 2013 Organix series has something for everyone form one of the industry’s most innovative companies. Whether you’re looking for power, comfort, control or something in between, Volkl has you covered with classic lines and leading-edge technology. Add some Volkl Organix frames to your demo list with Tennis Express, and see the difference German engineering can make in your game.

Volkl organix 10 mid

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