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The Six Worst French Open Outfits

The French Open has always been a place for fashion savvy athletes (or at least, those who think they are) to strut their stuff. Gael Monfils' red and black skintight number under a Technicolor tank top set the mood for 2013, but what are some of the best outfit blunders of Roland Garros? Let's count down the top six – and one honorable mention

Gael Monfils

6. Nadia Petrova just looks cold in this 2010 outfit – layers on layers on layers going on here. Even her wristbands are working that layered look. The pants underneath the not one but TWO ruffles of her skirt really scream, “I’m COLD!”

5. Maria Sharapova rarely disappoints in her fashion choices, but this 2010 choice is more a half-wit than a homerun, cutting her off in all the – ahem – wrong places.

martina hingis

4. Martina Hingis tried to defend her semi-sleeved shirt at the 2001 French Open, saying it “kept her serving arm warm.” Sure, Martina. Whatever you say.

3. Serena Williams loves Cameroon – apparently. This 2002 outfit is modeled on the soccer kit of the National Team of this small West-Central African Nation. Perhaps the compression in the knee-highs gave her the boost she needed, as Serena went on to win the title that year.

Serena Williams
Andre Agassi

2. Oh, Andre Agassi. In his defense, it was the early 90s (1991 to be precise) when he wore this fantastic jorts and spandex combo with matching headband. Then again, are jorts ever really defensible?

1. Of course, no tennis fashion faux pas could ever be complete without a mention of Venus Williams’ 2010 Moulin Rouge number. Yes, everyone knows about it, and yes, everyone writes about it, but there’s a reason for that – two words: nude spandex.

Venus Williams

Honorable Mention: I can’t decide if I love or hate this shirt of Fabrice Santoro’s in 2007. It’s just…so…much…! My head says it’s horrible, but my gut wants to make a painting of it. Ahh, fashion. So confusing!

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