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Things We Must Own

Let's face it, there are two kinds of products in the world: Things we need and things we want. Sometimes, they are the same things: Like a new car or a nice play to live. Plenty of times we convince ourselves that things we want are actually things we need. Other times, we are fully aware that there are things we don't need that we still very much want. This is once of those times. Submitted for your approval, the Tennis Cap Dip Bowl. I doubt anyone has ever actually needed a dip bowl, but part of liking sports is fraternizing with other people that like sports. That leads to getting together for the big game, or in this case the big match, with food, drink and obviously chips and dip. I can't say I've been to nearly as many Wimbledon Final Parties as Super Bowl Parties, but if I ever do host one, I've got to have this thing as the centerpiece to let guests know this is a serious watch party.

Now before you go out and devour 3,000 calories of chips and dip on the sofa, you should work up a sweat to make it all worth it. When you want to maximize your output while working out, it's hard to top Reebok's Zig technology in its Zig Pulse Running Shoes. It's hard to explain what's so intoxicating about these shoes. It might be the total disregard for matching color schemes, or it might be the amazing lime-green cushioned sole that gives that soft and springy ride while you're out training. It's hard not to imagine stopping traffic when you go dashing through the streets in suburbia propelling yourself forward with these kicks on your feet. This is a definite want, with a tiny side of need. Being a consistent winner on the tennis court can have a lot to do with attitude and mental make-up. In some cases it might not matter so much about how confident you are with your game as much as how much it APPEARS to your opponent that your confident that you're walking off the court with another victory under your belt. Plenty of players try to psych out their opponent with the most expensive shoes, the most technologically-advanced racquet or by copying the fashion trends of whatever Rafa, Serena or Kim Clijsters happen to be sporting that season, but that's an old trick, and one employed by far too many people. Instead, we humbly suggest Want Item #3, the K-Swiss

Men's Quiet Please Black T-Shirt. There's a white option as well, but it's harder to look confident when you're sweating like a pig. If your glands tend to work overtime, go for the black option and keep yourself looking all kinds of cool. Now as for that intimidation factor, nobody likes a cocky opponent, even if it's just for show. Wearing this out on the court against an opponent who doesn't know you well can broadcast loud and clear that you're so in love with your game, you think you might be worthy of the tour, and the attention from onlookers that accompanies it. The average person loves to take a cocky player down a peg or two, and that can lead to mistakes as they try to hit winners against you to demoralize you instead of playing your game. Plus, the shirt is just flat out funny. A definite must-want.

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