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Boris Becker Technologies
Boris Becker put all his personal tennis knowledge and many years of experience into the creation and development that you will find in this new racquet Series. He has spent more than half his life on the tennis courts of the world and have learned a lot about the tennis industry. Over the years he has developed a special feel for tennis racquets and equipment and how they should perform at the highest level of competition.
The New BB Racquets
No two tennis players are alike. However, in the new BB racquet series by Völkl, players of every style and ability can easily find the perfect racquet for their individual demands. From the recreational "hobby" player to a top-level professional—BB racquets can satisfy them all. This is accomplished by Völkl's access to the legendary knowledge of Mr. Boris Becker.

Big Grommet Technology
big grommet
Big Grommets allow greater string movement. This results in more power - even for off centre hits. Big Grommets combined with the revolutionary Volkl Catapult effect, work harmoniously for total playing enjoyment. Big Grommets increase the sweet spot by up to +100cm2.

Energy Shaft
energy shaft
We redeveloped the ENERGY SHAFT for BORIS BECKER TENNIS - Special engineering with asymmetric triangular profile and built-in fabric made of Titanium and Lite Carbon. The ENERGY SHAFT stabilizes the shaft zone of the racquet while boosting flexural strength. That adds up to lower energy loss and greater performance with every swing.

Energy Box
energy box
Our new ENERGY BOX is an entire system of frame reinforcements made of Titanium and Lite Carbon.  This blend of materials has a stable box-shaped geometry on the right and left hand side of the racquet head (at 5 & 7 o'clock). Four graduated ENERGY BOXES with differing strengths on both sides boost the sweet spot to give the tennis racquets an enormous increase in stability.

Comfort Handle Technology
bb comfort
Sensor Plus Comfort
Every time the ball comes into contact with the racquet, it causes it to vibrate, putting stress on your game while tiring out your arm.
The perfectly matched interaction of two shock & vibration dampening system has enabled us to reduce the harmful vibrations more effectively than ever before. The secret is the two systems located right at the place on the where these vibrations overlap and amplitudes are the thier greatest - in the shaft and in the end of hte handle. That's where SENSOR PLUS SHAFT DAMPENING SYSTEM and SENSOR PLUS Handle System really show their effectiveness. 
Sensor Plus Shaft
Our Sensor Plus Shaft Dampening is a world premier. This cutting edge shock & vibration absorbing element made of high-grade vibration-inhibiting EVA material, was fitted into the two outsides of the shafts where it absorbs a major part of these vibrations before it reaches the handle of the racquet.
Sensor Plus Handle
The SENSOR PLUS HANDLE SYSTEM is premised upon the interaction of differing materials in the handle. TPR and a layer of EVA give you maximum comfort with ideal vibration and shock absorption.   




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