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What is DNX?

DNX is the purest form of graphite known to exist. Significantly lighter than other carbon fibres and most important, it is 25-times stronger! With these unique properties DNX is destined for future use in the air & space industries. DNX is uniquely special due to it being a perfect microscopic ‘tubular’ construction – allowing maximum strength at all angles of applied force – all the while doing so with minimal material usage.

dnx tube

DNX - New dimension for racquet construction:

Now thanks to DNX, racquets with stiff properties will gain the extreme stiffness for power, but will also feature softer and more flexible areas for unmatched levels of comfort and control. DNX is strategically placed in areas of the racquet to add stability – while retaining the optimum playability and feel demanded by players of all levels. The advantages of DNX are clearly felt with every stroke. 

DNX – a revolutionary material innovation the cornerstone for a new ground-breaking racquet series. Carefully placed between the carbon fibers in strategically important areas of each tennis racquet, the DNX fibers add a totally new dimension in the production of tennis racquets:  

dnx wing
dnx sleeve
Found at the “3 & 9 o’clock” position at the racquet head, the DNX wings are placed to maximize stability by neutralizing the torque and twisting from off-centre shots.

In the construction of the POWER ARM, DNX delivers maximum power.  At the same time, the DNX material greatly increasing the stability of the string-bed and racquet frame, due to the POWER ARM remaining in perfect vertical alignment. The end result is maximum power, a larger sweet-spot, and significantly greater precision.

In the DNX sleeve above the grip, the new material strengthens the shaft region to resist twisting and excess bending for more power. This ultra-strong reinforcement, dramatically delivers increased ball speed and torsional stability for pin point accuracy with maximum power.

The frame stays stable in the player's hand every ti me you take a swing because there is little distortion in the racquet's most important zones. That means less energy loss and greater acceleration (meaning power). The DNX reinforcement on the side of the head of the racquet guarantees greater stability. A frame reinforced with DNX always mean precision, ball placement and stable hitting performance especially with those off-centre balls.


The end-result: Every ball struck with a DNX enforced racquet delivers a maximum in power and the greatest precsion possible.



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