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VOLKL Power Bridge 5

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Racquet Specs

  • Head Size: 102 sq. in MP
  • Length:27 inches
  • Weight:Strung - 10.4oz Unstrung - 9.9oz
  • Tension:48-58 Pounds
  • Balance: 4 pts Head Light
  • Beam Width:25mm-25mm-24mm
  • Composition:Graphite/Fiberglass
  • Flex:63
  • Grips Type:DNX Grip
  • Grips Sizes:
  • Power Level:Medium
  • String Pattern: 16 Mains/19 Crosses
    Mains skip: 8T
    One Piece
    No Shared Hole
  • Swing Speed:Moderate
  • Swing Weight:290

VOLKL Power Bridge 5 Tennis Racquet Review

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Volkl Power Bridge 5, 102”, 16×19, 9.9 ounces
The first thing you notice is the lightness and even balance the Volkl Power Bridge 5 presents. Volkl’s DNX technology coupled with the Power Bridge arm will certainly appeal to those looking for more control from their game. The 102” head size is deceiving, it looks smaller than it is but gives you that needed size for better volleys and off center hits.
The first thing you notice is the control that this racquet offers. From the first swing I had no problems placing or hitting my targets… I did however not have the power I anticipated with the Power Bridge. I suspect that the 24-26 mm beam would help with addition power — but after careful thought and review, Volkl’s DNX technology is certainly geared toward more control rather than power and the Power Bridge 5 fits in the mold nicely. Whatever power it lacked it more than made up for it in control and feel. You can certainly swing away and generate your own power with little fear of over hitting. Players looking for better control and feel on their groundstroke’s will not be disappointed with this racquet. Spin generation, control and feel is what you are presented with when swinging the Power Bridge 5. I noticed how easy it was to come through the backhand and had no problems with controlling or placing any of the shots, again the power wasn’t tremendous but was easily rectified with the control and feel that I had. It’s lightness and perceived even balance made it very easy to really swing at the shots, forehand and backhand.
Much like the groundstroke’s, the return of serve was predictable, more control and feel than anything else. Placing the return was not an issue and feel and the solidness of the Power Bridge 5 was comforting and I knew I didn’t need to do much to place the shots back with very little effort.
The volley’s felt crisp, solid and very stable. I liked the feel on drop volley’s and touch shots and felt that the Power Bridge 5 didn’t’ disappoint whatsoever at the net. The lightness contributed to great maneuverability at the net for those quick exchanges in doubles. I liked the solid and comfortable feel it had at the net and I was not disappointed at all by its power when it was needed.
Like most Volkl DNX racquets…you need to supply your own power and true to form, the serving with the Power Bridge 5 was all about control more than power. As much as I wanted to lay down some first serve aces, I couldn’t. I could however make the second serve dance and sing where ever I wanted. After s a few service games I noticed my second serve becoming much stronger, with a lot more pace and accuracy. And thus my second serve with the Power Bridge 5 was my first serve. I had great control, very good depth and incredible control…more than I can ask from it. A winner in this department. This racquet is best for 4.0+ all court players looking for more control without sacrificing the power they already have. Players with moderate to fast swing speeds will be rewarded by using the Power Bridge 5. The Power Arm takes some getting used to, psychologically, but after a few minutes of hitting all you notice is it’s control and feel. It’s stability on off center shots and it’s balance is sweet music….it’s 9.9 ounces frame is deceiving but well balanced and easy to maneuver.

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