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Volkl Powerbridge
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Volkl's new Powerbridge technology takes power to a whole new level. Volkl's previous DNX technology has successfully increased the stiffness and stability of tennis racquets. A more stable racquet allows more kinetic energy to be returned into the ball, resulting in more power. Volkl has realized that the bridge of the racquet (also the 6 o'clock position of the head or the yoke) is the "heart of the racquet" and one of the most difficult challenges when engineering a racquet. Volkl has focused their latest efforts into redesigning the bridge. Volkl's latest technology, Powerbridge, has made two key changes in this important area: using DNX to strengthen the location and increasing the density of the material. As a result, the entire racquet benefits and becomes more stable and powerful.
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  • Volkl DNX technology has mainly focused on strengthening the shaft and the sides of the racquet head. For the first time, Volkl has now integrated DNX into the bridge of the racquet. Visit our DNX technology page in order to learn more about Volkl's revolutionary material!
  • Volkl's engineers have been able to reduce the cross section of the bridge area, increasing its density. This has been done without any loss of stability in the racquet. This results in a very stable and strong bridge area, resulting in more power for the entire racquet.

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