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Volkl Racquet Technologies


The success found today at Volkl Tennis is based upon the rich heritage, years of experience and know-how. Today’s modern technologies and cutting-edge innovations, together blend form and functionality - assuring today’s tennis player the highest standard of quality and performance. Real Tennis Technologies for real Tennis Players. German Engineering at its finest!


The Volkl racquet technologies that we currently have information for include: Catapult Effect, Optispot, Organix, Powerbridge, Super G, V-Feel, V-Sense, and V-Sponse Bio Sensors.



Catapult Effect


With the Catapult Effect the ball is accelerated with 30% more control - even for those balls not hitting the sweet-spot. The Catapult springs allow for a deeper spring-bed pocket upon impact then, at the precise moment the ball is leaving the strings, the springs return to their original state - delivering more power.


volkl catapult





Optispot is a visual support to hit the ball in the center of the sweet spot. It is a highly visual and contrasting optic field that helps the eye focus on the hitting zone and keep your attention on the ball. Elements of the same color, shape or size, will be seen as one. With Optispot, the contrast between colors on the racquet, will form a visual center, allowing the player's eye to focus on the center of the string bed and pay closer attention to the ball.


Image result for volkl optispot









Volkl's Powerbridge technology takes power to a whole new level. Volkl's previous DNX technology has successfully increased the stiffness and stability of tennis racquets. A more stable racquet allows more kinetic energy to be returned into the ball, resulting in more power. Volkl has realized that the bridge of the racquet (also the 6 o'clock position of the head or the yoke) is the "heart of the racquet" and one of the most difficult challenges when engineering a racquet. Volkl has focused their latest efforts into redesigning the bridge. Volkl's latest technology, Powerbridge, has made two key changes in this important area: using DNX to strengthen the location and increasing the density of the material. As a result, the entire racquet benefits and becomes more stable and powerful.


volkl powerbridge



Super G


Super G system combines speed grommets which allow strings to move in all directions with V-Sponse material. This increases the "spring effect" resulting in a grommet system that provides exceptional energy transfer and dampening.


volkl super g



V-Feel Technology



With the new V-Feel tennis racquets, Volkl has combined three new technologies to enhance their brand.


Revolutionary EVA is 35% more resilient, 15-25% laterally stiffer and 35-50% torsionally stronger than before. This allows players more lively and dynamic racquets.VCell is another new addition that is stronger and stiffer, but still allows great feel when hitting. VTEX is a silicone polymer red butt cap that increases the dampening for a racquet while resisting shrinking and movement in high temperatures.



V-Sense Technology


In the new line Volkl V-Sense, the company has updated aspects of its technology to enhance these racquets. The VSensor Handle has an eva molded mass dampener pendulum pin that eliminates bad vibrations during swings. The V-Sense racquets all come equipped with C3 Material which is a mixture of materials that helps to create a stiffer frame, yet more forgiving frame.




V-Sponse Bio Sensors


The V-Sponse Bio Sensor is an active vibration dampening system that provides unmatched feel and a 15% increase in dampening. Volkl places a pin with mass at the end of the racquet handle allowing you to swing against initial vibrations. Having this feature eliminates bad vibrations which influence the playability of a racquet.


This is an exclusive technology only available with Volkl racquets. Grommets and grips are made with visco-elastic polymeric material, which enables more flexibility, dampening and energy return.


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