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Volkl Technologies
The success found today at Volkl Tennis is based upon the rich heritage, years of experience and know-how. Today’s modern technologies and cutting-edge innovations, together blend form and functionality - assuring today’s tennis player the highest standard of quality and performance. Real Tennis Technologies for real Tennis Players.

German Engineering at its finest!

Power Arm Technology
volkl power
The unique dynamic properties found in the POWER ARM produce maximum power for every player. Designed to be free moving upon impact, the POWER ARM is drawn back upon ball to string-bed contact. As the ball sinks deeper into the string-bed, the POWER ARM, moving in unison, becomes energized. At the precise time where the ball starts to leave the string-bed pocket, the POWER ARM reacts – returning the stored energy to the ball and propelling the ball across the net for maximum power. The ball is “torpedoed” out from the string-bed.

Catapult Technology
With the catapult-effect the ball is accelerated with 30% more power and 30% more control - even for those balls hit outside the sweet-spot. Found on the DNX 2 ATTIVA, DNX 3, and DNX 4, the catapult-effect springs allow for a deeper string-bed pocket upon impact for greater control. At the precise moment the ball leaves the strings, the springs return to their original state - catapulting the ball across the net with added power. 

V-Engine Technology
v engine
The V-shaped throat in the DNX 9 lends added stiffness in the yoke area for more power and additional stability for better control.

Comfort Handle Technology
comfort handle
Sensor Handle System
The interaction of the two materials TPR (red) and EVA (yellow) in the handle ensures the best comfort, with excellent vibration and shock absorption properties. The Sensor Tour Handle System has a thinner EVA layer to give the tournament level player a more direct feel for the ball.
Sensor Plus Handle System
Introducing the Comfort Handle System for the ATTIVA range of racquets. Specifically designed to absorb harmful vibration, before they reach the arm. These advanced shock & vibration properties lend a more comfortable feel. An additional EVA layer ensures less irritation for superior arm protection.

Big Grommet Technology
big grommet
Big Grommets allow greater string movement for an increased sweet-spot. This results in more power - especially on off centre hits. Big Grommets combined with the revolutionary VOLKL TENNIS catapult-effect, work harmoniously for total playing enjoyment.

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