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Volkl Tennis Racquets


Volkl Tennis has a varied history. This sports manufacturer started out making coaches, of all things, in Germany in 1880 and is also well known for its ski equipment. More than 100 years later, in 1972,the company exploded into the tennis market with the introduction of the Zebra. The Zebra was the first full-composite tennis racquet to ever hit the courts.

Volkl technology has been present on the courts and in the hands of championship players for the past 30 years. When Petr Korda won the Australian Open and went on to be the first Grand Slam singles winner in 1998, what was his racquet of choice? A Volkl. Perhaps the world’s best-known living tennis champion, John McEnroe, is also associated with this brand.

Technology is the hallmark of this company, and champs like Radek Stepanek recognize that a Volkl racquet makes a difference on the court. Stepanek uses the Tour 10 v-Engine as part of his game. The Tour 10 v-Engine has a unique “V” hoop design, giving it a much more generous sweet spot, despite its 93-square-inch head. A true players racquet, it also boasts control and power, especially at the net. The slight weight – it comes in at 12.2-ounces – gives the player a great deal of control. Living up to the reputation of German engineering, Volkl imbues its products with a series of technologies designed to enhance the game of every player at every level of skill.

The Tour 10 v-Engine, one of the leading racquets in the Volkl Tour racquet series, used by Stepanek includes the patented Sensor Handle System, designed to provide the player with an extreme sense of control. The inner EVA layer of the handle is thinner than usual, giving the player an extraordinarily direct feel for the game. It also reduces the vibrations created by ball impact, making Volkl racquets more comfortable than one might expect for so much power.

In addition to the Sensor Handle System, Volkl also invented the “V Engine.” This is a small “V” at the base of the head, giving it additional rigidity and torsional stability. This added stability gives the player control even when balls are hit off-center.

Volkl recently received the nod from Tennis Magazine, receiving the Editor’s Choice Award in April 2006 for the DNX 3, part of their Volkl DNX racquet series. Known for its forgiving response from the stringbed, the DNX also allows players to use only a moderate swing speed to achieve deep and aggressive hitting, making this an ideal choice for either the beginner or for the advanced power player.

Complete with Sensor Handle technology and made with high modulus graphite composition, the DNX is loaded with the fabled Volkl racquet technology and engineering, including the new Power Arm. The Power Arm pulls back upon ball impact, and then the recoil occurs. This turns the ball into a torpedo of sorts, propelling it forward with just a little extra “oomph.”

This tennis racquet also has an even balance and weighs in at a lean 10.1-ounces. The DNX is known as an excellent choice for singles and doubles players who are looking for an outsized racquet with power and good maneuverability.

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