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Wilson Blade Tour BLX Tennis Racquet Review

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Racquet Specs

  • Head Size: 93 sq. in MP
  • Length: 27 inches
  • Weight: Strung — 11.9 oz Unstrung — 11.4 oz
  • Tension: 50-60 Pounds
  • Balance: 9 Pts Head Heavy
  • Beam Width: 20.2mm
  • Composition: Basalt/Karophite Black
  • Flex: 66
  • Grips Type: Wilson Leather
  • Power Level: Low
  • String Pattern:
  • 18 Mains / 20 Crosses
    Mains skip: 8T, 10T, 8H, 10H
    One Piece
    No Shared Hole 
  • Swing Speed: Fast
  • Swing Weight: 316

Wilson Blade Tour BLX Racquet Review

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Wilson has added its BLX technology to an already solid players frame and it’s a huge improvement from last season's [K] Blade tour. Control, control, control shines through in this years version. With a more dampened and solid feel, folks  who supply their own power can dish out the whole nine yards without holding back from the annoying aftershock resulting from the past stiff Karaphite carbon matrix..


Big swings result in lots of controllable power and excellent accuracy. I found a sizeable sweetspot and power from the baseline on both forehands and backhands. It is definitely a step up in power and feel from last year's [K] Factor model. That’s not to say the least that players should not take the 93sq in. head size lightly. Shots still need to be executed with good precision at the sweetspot. However, I did find a more responsive frame that gave me more lively feedback for me to make minor adjustments and tweaks easier to adapt my style.
Generating spin for both topspin and slice shots was easy and the 12.1 oz weight helped with plow through for hitting groundstrokes with heavy spin and force.  I also loved the leather grip and the solid feel in feedback it gave me even with my overwrap. The grip enhanced the edged handle and I was able to feel my grip at all times.


At the net, the racquet offers outstanding control and a very solid response. Solid net players will find their volleys having that extra pop and again, tons of control. I found great feel for touch shots and stability with pop to punch volleys away with pace. The small head can be an issue but for good players the adjustment should be short.


 On serves the Blade Tour BLX Racquet comes through the hitting zone like a hot knife thru butter. I found no problems generating racquet head speed needed for both pace and spin.  I was able to place all my serves with good pop (not great power but good) with ease. The BLX technology was really a positive here as the control smoothed out and harmful vibrations when going for big serves.

Overall a great update to the Blade line for 2011. This is a for sure demo for advanced level players seeking control in a forgiving and maneuverable frame. I would recommend this racquet for any 4.0 level or higher player or for players who are aggressive shot makers who look to finish off points quickly.

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