Wilson nCode

What is Wilson nCode?

The biggest news in tennis racquets is actually very small. Wilson's exclusive nanotechnology process called nCode has recently been introduced onto the market and it has the potential to revolutionize racquet technology . nCode technology manipulates a racquet's structure to improve the performance of the frame itself, on the molecular level.
It is challenging to find a tennis racquet that can improve the power of your stroke, improve your play stability, offer a stronger and more durable frame and look cool at the same time, but the new Wilson nCode delivers. While this technology is not visible to the naked eye, the difference it makes in your play can be remarkable.

Break the Code

With nCode , Wilson has exponentially improved the tennis racquet. The Wilson nCode has been proven to be twice as strong, twice as stable and 22% more powerful than comparable racquets on the market. This is why racquet technology has become so important to tennis manufacturers; just look what can be accomplished!

nCode Benefits

In ordinary tennis racquets , the carbon fiber is pocked with tiny voids which in turn create stress points and frame weakness. The Wilson nCode tennis racquet uses nanotechnology to fill in these voids with silicone oxide crystals that expand to eliminate the weak points and fill in the strong carbon fiber material. The improved stength will also lead to long lasting durability, so investing in this kind of tennis technology will serve you well.

The goal of tennis racquet technologies are to make the perfect racquet , and by exponentially improving power, stability and strength, the Wilson has taken the next step with the nCode.

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