Wilson NXT Soft Tennis String Review

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Construction: MultifilamentWilson NXT Soft 16G Tennis String | Tennis Express

Colors: Blue or Silver

Gauge: 16G (1.30 mm)

Length: 40 feet (12.2 M)


Test Racquets / Tension
Wilson Ultra 100L v3.0 / Wilson NXT Soft 16G strung at 50 lbs, and Wilson Ultra 108 v3.0 / Wilson NXT Soft 16G strung at 50 lbs. For best results, we recommend stringing at or between 53-57 lbs.




Wilson has added to their established NXT line to give you a new multifilament string that is both powerful and comfortable: NXT Soft.


NXT Soft features softer fibers with expanded filaments to produce easy power and natural depth while minimizing harsh vibrations. In fact, NXT Soft provides 9% more absorption than original NXT. 16G means that the string is thicker and more durable. I tend to break strings often, so I was eager to test out this sturdy one to see how it meshed with my consistent playing style.


Power, Spin & Control


Multifilament strings are typically very soft because they’re created to mirror the performance and feel of natural gut. A soft string usually provides ample power, while a stiffer stringbed brings more control. I’d say that Wilson NXT Soft is a better option for those who seek power rather than spin and control. It will also suit you better if you have a flatter swing path as opposed to a loopy swing.


Although it’s not the greatest string for heavy topspin players, the increased number of filaments and increased ball dwell time make this a high-priority string for beginner to intermediate players. This means that the actual time the strings make contact with the ball is longer than normal, which correlates to a longer carry distance. I had to slow my swing down, but when I did I noticed the ease at which the strings carried the ball to the desired target. The power I’m referring to didn’t result in hitting clean winners. However, I didn’t have to swing hard to get the ball deep in the court.




Wilson’s NXT formula is renowned in the tennis world, and this version provides even more comfort than the original. The string was effective for generating power and comfort on my serves and volleys without sacrificing control. How do you determine a “comfortable” tennis string? It’s something that you have to see for yourself. You’ll know it when you try it. The feel/comfort level makes NXT Soft great for players who are trying a multifilament string for the first time.


Durability & Playability


Wilson NXT 16 is the ultimate multifilament string because it offers a blend of feel and comfort, plus playability. This soft version gives you an arm-friendly experience on the court. With less shock, NXT Soft reduces the risk of an elbow, wrist, or shoulder injury. It also limits the potential of arm fatigue, which will help you stay on the court for lengths at a time.


How, then, is a string both powerful and comfortable, yet it remains durable? Well, the more you use a racquet, the more that the strings will become frayed. However, what makes NXT Soft really special is that it delivers an all-around performance. I noticed that the force of the ball didn’t cause the stringbed to move much at all in the Ultra 100L. It can be annoying if you have to shift the strings after each long rally. This is not the case with Wilson NXT Soft. Tennis players, regardless of skill level, can appreciate this string that not only lowers the risk of an injury, but also provides durability.




Wilson NXT Soft 16G is an arm-friendly string with a large sweet spot and an unlimited amount of comfort. This unique balance of comfort and power can be difficult to find in most strings. After play-testing this string, I feel like it’s an excellent fit for Wilson’s new Ultra racquets, but it will soften any stiff frame. This string allowed me to create different variations of control, power, spin from the baseline while maintaining its durability. If you want a durable multifilament string that will soften a stiffer racquet and provide a mix of power and comfort, then check out the Wilson NXT Soft.


About the Reviewer: Chris Griesedieck played high school tennis in the St. Louis area and competed in USTA junior tournaments in the Missouri Valley section. Today he is an active 4.5 USTA tournament player and is a PTR certified coach.


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