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Wilson Revolve String Review

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Construction: Co-polymer MonofilamentWilson Revolve Tennis String Set 15G

Color: White, Black or Orange

Gauge: 15G (1.35 mm), 16G (1.30 mm), 17G (1.25 mm)

Length: 40' and 660'


Test Racquet / Tension
HEAD Graphene XT Speed MPA (16x16 configuration)/ 54lbs




As 2015 gets underway, spin continues to be “in” for tennis manufacturers. Wilson is fully on board with this trend, introducing both racquets and strings that seek to amplify spin for players. New for 2015, Wilson’s new Revolve polyester string builds off the design ideas implemented with their previous Ripspin model. It utilizes crosslink ester polymer and an Ultra-High Molecular Weight coating to provide a slick, smooth surface for enhanced snap back and spin potential. Here’s a closer look at how the string performs on court.




Revolve plays with a solid level of power. It has noticeable pop off the ground without being uncontrollable. I’d put the string in the medium power range for a poly as it provides power that still allows you to swing out on the ball with confidence. For a round poly, the spin potential is above average, thanks to its super slick coating and easy sliding of the main strings. I found it easy to generate consistent net clearance with the string as well as create low bouncing slices. While it does not generate the eye popping bounces of some shaped polys, Revolve provides spin that is easy to tap into and can be relied on to increase shot margin. This increase in the ability to play high margin shots until in position to transition to offense is one of the strong points of the string.


Feel / Comfort


Feel and comfort are two aspects of polyester offerings that continue to improve. Revolve has a surprising amount of flexibility to it for being a polyester construction. Its elasticity creates a high level of ball pocketing and solid feel on contact. I felt very connected to the amount of dwell time the ball was getting off the string bed, leading to high confidence with the placement of my shots. The string also plays very comfortably. Its coating allows it to play softly without feeling overly mushy as can be the case with some polys that have lots of additives. The string should play well at a wide variety of tensions thanks to its combination of flexibility and a fairly crisp feel, opening it up to a wide selection of player types.




I would divide durability into two distinctions for Revolve. The material durability for the string was slightly above average for me compared to most polyester offerings. After 8 hours of use, the main strings were notched about half way through and were still offering a consistent response and feel. The other area of durability to note is that of the outer coating. Much like Ripspin before it, I found the UHMW coating on Revolve to wear off significantly over time. This has a noticeable impact on spin potential. Toward the end of its lifespan, I found it much more difficult to generate the same levels of spin on shots as when the string was fresh. It was not difficult to compensate for this but is something players should be aware of. With multiple gauges available, players will be able to make selections to maximize the blend of playability and durability that they desire.




Wilson continues to put the focus on spin generation with the addition of Revolve to their lineup. The string offers a comfortable feel with excellent response and feedback. The slick coating provides solid spin generation at the outset but tends to dissipate over time. Players who want a comfortable, consistent polyester that can add a noticeable bump in spin to their game will want to give Revolve a try on their next string job.


About the Reviewer: Matt Locke formerly served for 3 years as the Junior Programs & Development Coordinator for USTA-Idaho. He is a PTR certified coach and is an active USTA 4.5+ League and Tournament player.




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