Wilson Sensation Comfort 16G Tennis String Review

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Construction: Multifilament polyamide + outerwraps Wilson Sensation 16g Neon Green Tennis String at Tennis Express

Colors: Neon Green

Gauge: 16G (1.30 mm)

Length: 40 feet (12.2 M) and 660 feet (200 M)


Test Racquet / Tension
Wilson Blade 16 x 19 v7/16 G (1.30 mm) @ 53 lbs




Wilson has long produced a popular range of strings for players looking for soft, playable options at a good value. Their Sensation Comfort 16g is yet another offering that meets that billing. Sensation is one of the longest running multifilament options on the market and this version retains its signature construction in a durability maximizing gauge. The DuPont Zycro Micro-fiber offers superb vibration dampening and power delivery. The series of outer wraps offer a slightly firmer feel than Wilson’s NXT series while also providing enhanced durability. Here’ a look at how my recent play test of Sensation Comfort 16 went.




Since multifilaments were originally aimed at mimicking natural gut more closely than nylon, I’d expect a healthy dose of power. Sensation 16 did not disappoint. I found excellent power off the ground and was able to consistently keep the ball deep in the court with ease. As I generally play with full poly, it took a bit to adjust to the livelier nature of this string and find my rhythm. Once I did, I felt confident hitting big shots from anywhere on court. I felt the string played a little crisper and more controlled than some of the really soft multifilaments on the market. It wasn’t as firm or control oriented as Sensation Control, but I still appreciated the balance between power and control that it provided. Spin production was average for multifilament and definitively lower than my typical poly setup. Balls that usually dip into the court with poly were just sailing that little bit extra long. The reduced spin also seemed to leave more balls sitting in opponents strike zones. I had to adjust my strategy and hit for pace more often rather than relying on spin to push my opponents off the court.




Feel with Sensation Comfort 16 was an outstanding area of performance. It offered a great, soft feel without veering into being too soft and squishy. The string had excellent flex on contact and it exhibited great ball pocketing. I felt like I could hold onto the ball for that little bit of extra time before releasing it from the string bed. It could potentially get a bit too soft if strung too low, but my test at 53 lbs played really well. While the comfort may not have been otherworldly like natural gut, the string still reminded how much more comfort multifilament offers compared to most polyesters. The string was exceptionally easy on the arm; absorbing shock and making the sweet spot of the frame feel very large.




Durability was where the divide between this string’s multifilament design and a polyester string became more evident. The string started fraying fairly early into my time with it but I appreciated how well it hung on. Having the thicker, 16g definitely kept it alive a bit longer than a thinner gauge would have lasted. I broke a center main at about the 7 hour mark which was on the upper end of longevity for multifilaments that I have played with recently. The outer wrap layer definitely seemed to add some additional abrasion protection and extend the lifespan of the string. The playability was solid for the category of string as well. It lost most tension after each session than my usual setup but it only became a bit too springy right before it broke. It had consistent response for the majority of its lifespan and even at the very end; I only had to pull back a little bit to ensure I kept the ball in.




Wilson continues to offer options that have gut like performance characteristics at great price points. This string offered outstanding power, solid control and top of class feel and comfort. Wilson Sensation Comfort 16 should please any player looking for a blend of playability and comfort at an attractive price.


About the Reviewer: Matt Locke formerly served for 3 years as the Junior Programs & Development Coordinator for USTA-Idaho. He is a PTR certified coach and is an active USTA 4.5+ League and Tournament player.




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