wilson w line technology

The W Line Racquets by Wilson is the first ever comprehensive line of high performance racquets engineered and designed for women. Their unique racquet construction featuring a slingshot yoke and a new throat beam design to provide greater head strength.

Wilson's new W line is a line up of racquets designed exclusively for women. Staying with the cutting edge nCode technology of their general line, Wilson has added various features to accommodate input received from female tennis players. More comfort is provided where needed, with Iso-Zorb grommets, a new delicate grip and a new softer butt cap.

Among these features are a new oval head deign for longer mains, creating a larger sweet spot. Wilson has also added a new throat design, a softer and different shaped grip, and finally Iso-zorb grommets, for increased shock reduction, all in hopes of making an overall more stable and comfortable racquet.

The racquet is not any more a mere tool to hit the ball. By offering a choice of differnet styles, the racquet becomes the expression of individual player's personality.

Express your style. Express your game.

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