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Yonex is steadily making its mark in the tennis apparel industry thanks to its strong commitment to technology enhancements. Their success with tennis racquets has continued to push their success into other areas of tennis equipment production. This company strives to have the most innovative technologies in the tennis industry and their apparel will have high-performance qualities so you can always play your best. Here are some of their key apparel technologies: Antistatic, Air-Release, Heat Capsule, Polygiene, Stretch, Sweat Absorbent, UV Reduction and VeryCool™.





Antistatic technology is featured in Yonex's tennis apparel to prevent static electricity from occurring. Carbon impregnated conductive fibers are woven into the stitching of the material to remove the build-up of static electricity. This allows you to comfortably wash/dry your clothes regularly and play on court without fear of an electric shock.


Antistatic Yonex Apparel Technology





Yonex based this technology off the simple phrase "As warm air rises, cold air enters into open areas." Air-Release works to greatly improve the ventilation in men's and women's shirts. For tennis players this is essential for preventing our bodies from overheating. Mesh is built into the upper back to provide high ventilation and push out body heat. Meanwhile, fresh air is taken in through the mesh on the side and bottom to the armpit areas keeping you cooler.


Yonex Air-Release Technology



Heat Capsule


Heat Capsule apparel used advanced material and fabric technology to generate 3 degrees of extra comfort for your body. This technology stores heat from infrared rays and converts it into energy for your body. You will see this used more in Yonex's warmup gear or winter clothing.


Yonex Heat Capsule Technology





Polygiene is an antibacterial deodorant built in to the material so your clothing can stay fresh longer. This prevents any bacteria build up and is eco-friendly.

Yonex Polygiene Technology





This is an innovative stretch material that allows for a more free, natural movement when you play. The material is super elastic so it can go any which way and still keep you covered.





Sweat Absorbent


Yonex's Sweat Absorbent technology enables their fabrics to quickly absorb sweat and dry rapidly fast. The interior lining of the garment will absorb sweat from your body then push it outside of the clothing to dry allowing you to stay comfortable as you play.



UV Reduction


Implemented in most of Yonex's tennis apparel is UV Reduction. This technology intercepts infrared radiation and approximately 92% of ultraviolet rays minimizing heat build-up in clothing. This allows your body to feel protected and stay cool while you play.


Yonex UV Reduction Technology



VeryCool™ Technology


Yonex VeryCool Technology


VeryCool™ is a technology that allows your clothing to absorb heat and perspiration when you workout, but provide your body with a cooling effect. Yonex uses Xylitol, a natural technology, in their clothing to lower your body temperature by 3° C to keep you cooler during exercise. The company has evolved this technology to a new level with VeryCoolDry. VeryCoolDry will lower your overall body temperature and move moisture from the skin to the fabric surface so you can stay dry longer. This is due to a special hydrophobic fiber that works with the quick-drying properties to keep you dry anytime you exercise.


Yonex-Very-Cool-Dry Technology


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