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Yonex Racquet Technology



From the humble beginning, Yonex has risen to become a renowned racquet manufacturer after starting as a wood crafting business in 1946. Now the company is a paragon in the sports world, creating high-tech equipment for multiple sports. Founder Minoru Yoneyama’s goal was to never be surpassed by the technological advancements of other companies, and the brand has adhered to this commitment for the last 60 years. Yonex has been used by several different pro players including tennis legends Martina Hingis, Martina Navratilova, and recent retiree David Nalbandian. Yonex technologies that we currently have information for include:


Aero Fin, Aero Trench, Aero-Shaped Frame, Black Micro Core, Dual Shut System, Isometric™ Technology, Liner Tech, Lock Booster System, Micro Offset Layout, M40X, Namd Graphite, Nanometric, O.P.S., Quake Shut Gel Air, Shockless Grommet System, 3D Vector Shaft, and Vibration Dampening Mesh.



Aero Fin

Yonex Aero Fin TechnologyAero Fin Technology from Yonex


With the VCore SV frames in 2016, Yonex updated Aerodynamic Fin technology to reduce air resistance for faster racquet head speed and increased spin. Fins are located inside the top of the frame, at 2 O'Clock and 10 O'Clock positions, to give players the ability to swing faster. Serve speed is increased by 6%, and air resistance on the top of the frame is decreased by 14% as compared to conventional Yonex frame models. In the 2018 VCore line, aero fins were upgraded and positioned towards the bottom of the frames to allow for better maneuverability.



Aero Trench


Yonex added Aero Trench technology to the VCore racquet line to allow for faster racquet head speeds and increased spin potential. This tech reduces air resistance and drag by uniquely hiding the grommets at the top of the frame


Aero Trench



Aero-Shaped Frame


Yonex updated the Ezone racquets in 2020 with a new Aero-Shaped Frame. The new design alters the outer angle of the aero-shaped frame. The result is more flex and comfort in the upper hoop, and more stability lower in the string bed.


Yonex Aero Shaped Frame technology



Black Micro Core


yonex black micro coreImage result for when did micro core technology come out


Yonex introduced Micro Core technology to the world in 2013 with the VCore Xi racquet line. Since then it has been upgraded to Black Micro Core combining Carbon graphite with elastic particles to increase face stability, power and even better vibration dampening.



Dual Shut System


yonex dual shut system


Dual Shut System improves your comfort and control with every stroke. Shockless Grommets at the bottom of the frame reduces impact vibration and Quake Shut Gel, which is embedded inside the grip, removes even the most subtle discomfort from the frame. A 50% reduction in vibration compared to conventional models.



Isometric™ Technology


yonex isometric


Yonex's signature enhancement for its racquets made today is Isometric™ technology. Isometric theory was first established by the company in 1980. This technology gives the racquet head a square shape and reduces the inert space found in a conventional round frame. As a result racquets with this enhancement have a 10% larger sweetspot, are easier to swing through and have superior maneuverability.


The sweetspot is the area of a racquet where the longest main and longest cross strings meet in the stringbed. In an ordinary roundframe racquet, the sweetspot is where the 8 main and 11 cross meet. In the Isometric square head racquet, 10 main and 13 cross string meet in the stringbed to produce a sweetspot that is larger than the effective hitting area of a conventional round head racquet. This larger sweetspot allows for more power and control. With more strings of equal length and a larger effective hitting area in the stringbed, Yonex Racquets provide consistently accurate shots, giving more power, control and forgiveness on off-center hits.


Isometric Theory



Liner Tech


Liner Tech


Liner Tech dramatically reduces the string entry angles in select grommets so the outer main strings are elongated. The elongated strings produce a wider sweet spot, provide greater snapback and more string movement so players can grab the ball to apply extra spin.



Lock Booster System


Yonex Lock Booster System


Lock Booster System is the newest enhancement to the Yonex brand. The upgraded grommet system is found in the VCore Pro series racquets and helps promote string contact for more efficient energy transfer and ball crushing power.



Micro Offset Layout


Micro Offset Layout is new addition to the Yonex EZone racquets that adds more power and comfort. This is a technology that straightens strings to increase the string contact with racquet grommets which in turn adds power and absorbs shock from the ball impact.


Micro Offset Layout





Yonex teamed up with Toray Industries, Inc. to place TORAYCA®M40X in their Ezone tennis racquets. The strong, elastic graphite, is added to the throat to simultaneously improve stability and flexibility.


Torayca M40X technology



Namd Graphite


Yonex Namd Technology


Namd graphite technology is a carbon nanotube dispersion originally developed by Nitta Corporation that enhances the strength, flexibility and snapback in racquets. This advancement allows racquets to have a unique flex and fast frame snapback so you can fire off aggressive, attacking spin. Namd graphite is lighter and stronger than conventional Carbon. This technology was first introduced in the 2018 VCore Pro series.


Namd Technology



Nanometric DR


Nanometric technology first came to light in 2015 when Yonex released the EZone DR racquet line. Nanometric DR is a revolutionary premium-grade carbon graphite material originally developed for next generation space aviation by Toray Industries, Inc. Nanometric DR is ultra-resilient giving the racquet frame higher flex strength. Embedded within the inner portion of the frame between the 2 and 10 O'Clock positions, this material provides better frame snap back, increasing repulsion power and improved ball speed.


yonex nanometric dr


Nanometric XT Carbon


Nanometric evolved to Nanometric XT Carbon later in 2016 with the release of the VCore SV frames. This greatly increased flex over typical carbon, improved ball pocketing, and gripped the ball for 4% longer than conventional racquets. Meanwhile, the aero shape of the racquet frame shoulder provides extra torque, improving repulsion by 2%.


Yonex Nanometric XT Carbon



O.val P.ressed S.haft


O.P.S. or Oval Pressed Shaft manufacturing technology builds the ideal amount of shaft flex at impact into the racquet, extending dwell time for enhanced ball spin and directional control. Yonex has updated this technology with rounder shaft corners to provide better flexibility upon impact enabling players to gain even more control. 


yonex ops



Quake Shut Gel Air


Quake Shut Gel Air is a three layer dampening material embedded in the grip to absorb shock from ball impact. This helps remove subtle discomfort from the frame giving players less vibrations while hitting.


Yonex Quake shut gel air



Shockless Grommet System


shockless grommet system


The Shockless Grommet System is integrated in Yonex's EZone racquets at the side and bottom of each frame. This helps minimize muscle fatigue during match play and provides a soft feel at impact. This technology is great for protecting players from getting any wrist, forearm or elbow injuries since it absorbs the shock before getting to these areas of the body.



3D Vector Shaft


Deeper grooves cut into the throat area of the racquet shaft increasing stiffness and improving torsional stability. The result is greater energy return and comfort for better performance on shots struck outside the sweetspot. The increased stability results in more accuracy and power.


Yonex 3D Vector Shaft



Vibration Dampening Mesh (VDM)


Yonex made an effort to improve comfort of their racquets with Vibration Dampening Mesh (VDM). The stretchy mesh material is wrapped around the graphite within the grip to filter out unwanted vibrations in the handle. This was first introduced in the VCore Pro 2019 line then transferred over to the 2020 EZone line.


Yonex Vibration Dampening Mesh Technology


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