Yonex Tennis Racquets

Founded in Japan in 1946, Yonex was primarily known for its badminton racquets and shuttlecocks. Tennis being a cousin of badminton, it seems only fitting that in 1969 Yonex expanded it’s manufacturing to include tennis racquets.

By 1980, stars like Martina Navratilova and Billie Jean King were using Yonex products. The same holds true today, with pros including Martina Hingis and David Nalbandian choosing Yonex as part of their winning on-court strategies. Hingis favors the Yonex RQS 11 racquet, known for its excellent feel and control.

The RQS features the classic Yonex flex and offers a terrific spin-friendly response on both groundstrokes and serves. Weighing in at 10.4-ounces, this manageable weight makes it a champ in terms of maneuverability. The RQS has a nice “pop” without sacrificing the all-important control. Even players with an aggressive swing will find the Yonex RQS tennis racquet easy to control, making for outstanding accuracy. This racquet is ideal for players at any level who are looking for both power and maneuverability.

Nalbandian chooses the Yonex RDS 001 as his on-court partner. This racquet comes in both a mid- and mid-plus headsize, and boasts the new Yonex shaft technology called Elastic Ti. Elastic Ti makes the shaft of the frame snap back to its original position after contact with the ball, providing more power and accuracy than other, conventional racquets. Both the Mid and Mid-plus RDS 001 also feature the Yonex Soft Grommet technology. Placed strategically at the four corners of the racquets hoop, Soft Grommet increases comfort and enlarges the sweetspot. Lleyton Hewitt uses the RDS 001 Mid, which has a crisp response and added “pop” for a firmer feel. The mobility of this racquet is outstanding, and it generates excellent head speed. And a high head speed makes for plenty of spin production.

The RDS 01 Midsize is a great choice for any player, and may be particularly well-suited to advanced players who prefer the response and feel of a midsize racquet. The Midplus also provide a crisp response, and is great for players who like to volley and serve close to the net, and who favor an aggressive all-court style of play.

Currently used by Paradorn Srichphan, the Yonex Ultimum RD Ti-80 tennis racquet sports an all-new red look based on Srichphan’s own personality. This spiffed-up version of the classic Ti-80, this racquet has a standard length, a light balance and a midplus headsize. It feels lighter in the hand than its 12.1-ounces, thanks partly to a lighter spinweight. The RD Ti-80 includes the Yonex Solid Feel Core technology, designed to reduce vibration. While the feel of this racquet is classic Yonex, it has a noticeable flex in the shaft for a comfortable feel.

You’ll also get the added advantage of the Yonex Isometric Square Head Shape (ISO), which offers a sweetspot that is 48 percent larger than that of a traditional oval head shape. The ISO technology also gives players more power while reducing the probability of off-center shots. Ideal for players who prefer an all-court style of play, this racquet is also a good choice for those who like a high level of control and feel.

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