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Yonex is largely known for their quality control and precision when it comes to crafting racquets and string, but this attention to detail can be found in their shoes, as well. You can find Yonex tennis shoes on the feet of pros like Stan Wawrinka, recreational tennis players, and others in between.


Current Yonex tennis shoe technologies include:

3D Power Graphite Sheet, AgilityBolt, Double Russel Mesh, Durable Skin, EVA, Flexion Upper, Power Cushion, Quattro Fit, Round Sole, Spiral Wrap, Toe Assist Shape, and Toughbrid.



3D Power Graphite Sheet


Yonex's 3D Power Graphite Sheet makes use of a Power Carbon plate to provide better stability when landing. This plate is inserted into the midsole, and acts as a lightweight, highly durable support.





Yonex's AgilityBolt was created to provide enhanced lateral support, and achieves this with a 25% increase in performance compared to previous Yonex products. Shoes featuring this technology have an enlarged center section that is raised to meet the upper. Athletes can expect more agile changes in direction, and more efficient weight transfer.



Double Russel Mesh


Yonex's Double Russel Mesh is an ultra-fine mesh that is both lightweight and durable. This system provides 8x more air circulation than standard designs, which helps to release trapped moisture, and keep your feet dry.


Yonex Double Russel Mesh



Durable Skin


Yonex's Durable Skin is an adaptable material that supports greater levels of agility and explosiveness. As the name implies, this technology adds to the shoe's durability. Overall, the system provides a stable, yet flexible fit. Similarly, Durable Skin Light is utilized in different locations of the shoe to provide a flexible, yet strong material for support, comfort, and durability, but in a lighter package.





Yonex's EVA Technology comes in a few primary variations:


1. EVA: Standard EVA midsole technology is used to provide cushioning and support, and is found in many shoes.

2. Elastic EVA: This EVA iteration provides more flexible cushioning in the midsole.

3. Solid EVA: This EVA version is an advanced midsole cushioning and support system designed to provide extra strength and durability in a lightweight package.



Flexion Upper


Yonex's Flexion Upper is an asymmetric design meant to create a more firm fit around the inner arch. This is done through the utilization of a curved eyelet. Because of this, the fit is more natural, and athletes do not need to worry about excessive tightness.


Yonex Flexion Upper Illustration



Power Cushion


Yonex's Power Cushion absorbs shock and smoothly transfers the energy from impact into your next movement. This means you can expect superior bounce back and responsiveness. This technology is soft, yet durable. To prove this, Yonex performed a test where a raw egg was dropped from seven meters above a power cushion mat. The egg rebounded four meters into the air, and did not break. Over the years, we have seen updates to this technology, such as:


  • 3-Layer Power Cushion: This iteration is similar to standard Power Cushion technology, but absorbs 30% more shock. This tremendous increase in performance is driven by the system's 3 layers working in concert with one another. The firm outer layers provide enhanced energy transfer, while the soft inner layer absorbs additional shock. Once pressure is released, the system quickly reverts to its original shape.
  • Power Cushion+: This version incorporates a special elastic resin to achieve higher shock absorption and bounce back rates. Athletes accustomed to the older Power Cushion system will be pleased to know that this variant retains the original's lightweight properties. However, with lattice-patterned grooves, and optimal spacing and depth, further resilience is achieved. Compared to the conventional iteration, Power Cushion+ boasts 25% more shock absorption, and 12% better repulsion.


Yonex Power Cushion+ Technology     Yonex 3-Layer Power Cushion Tennis Shoe Technology



Quattro Fit


Yonex's Quattro Fit takes advantage of your natural foot shape to improve the fit and comfort of your shoe by targeting 4 key areas:


  • Fit Point 01: Reduces excess space at the front of the shoe caused by smaller toes, and improves grip and power transfer
  • Fit Points 02 and 03: Enhances stability at the midfoot for better traction in the shoe, and improved responsiveness
  • Fit Point 04: Secures the heel through a re-shaped design


Yonex Quattro Fit



Round Sole


Yonex's Round Sole is engineered to ensure greater all around support for swift and smooth footwork. As the name implies, this is done through a specifically rounded sole, which encourages a more efficient transfer of energy.


Yonex Round Sole



Spiral Wrap


Yonex's Spiral Wrap design fuses the tongue of the shoe with the upper to eliminate unnecessary overlapping that results in discomfort and distractions. This innovative system also removes extra space to provide a secure fit around your foot.


Yonex Spiral Wrap Shoe Technology



Toe Assist Shape


Yonex's Toe Assist Shape is engineered to enhance your explosiveness by leveraging the fact that agility, speed, and power are often rooted in your big toe. This design is suited for high performance footwork, and also provides greater levels of support for a secure fit.





Yonex's Toughbrid is an advanced midsole material with tightly packed molecules arranged in a stable alignment. The pattern is designed to enhance both elasticity and shape retention, which results in long-lasting cushioning and support. This translates to reduced physical fatigue, and enhanced footwork capabilities. Toughbrid Light retains the same cushioning, elasticity, and shape retention properties as the original Toughbrid, but with an 11% drop in weight.


Yonex Toughbrid Graph     Yonex Toughbrid Light Technology


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