Babolat Aero Storm GT Tennis Racquet

Babolat Aero Storm GT Racquet Review

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98 square inches, 16 x 20 string pattern

Like it’s heavier brother, the Aero Storm GT is a control player’s delight with an arm and shoulder friendly swing weight (324). It’s virtually identical to the Babolat Aero Storm Tour GT in every specification, just a hair lighter.

That low weight makes the Babolat Aero Storm GT a great frame for the aggressive baseliner looking to bash or those looking for a serving frame that won’t have you running for the ice pack after a long match. Feel players or Fabrice Santoro-wannabees will really like this one, too. Groundies oozed with precision and spin was customarily solid, as we’ve come to expect from Babolat’s spin-generating frames. Topspin climbed to at least shoulder height with a good swing, and slices hugged the ground at knee-scraping heights. Balls won’t explode into total fuzz leftovers for non-power players with this frame. But those not needing help in the power department would sure benefit from the premium control features of this racquet, which employs the GT (Graphite/Tungsten) braided technology. The Aero Storm GT racquet has a bit more dampened feel than the Tour GT. And like its brother, the Aero Storm really shines in the mobility department.

Those half volleys or quick on-the-rise pick-ups that tend to be so problematic with those heavier sticks? They were a snap with this frame. Recommended for 4.0 and up players with medium to fast swingspeeds.



Racquet Specifications
Head Size: 98 sq. in MP
Length: 27 inches
Weight: Strung — 11.2 oz
— Unstrung — 10.6 oz
Tension: 55-62 pounds
Balance: 7Pts Head Light
Beam Width:
Composition: Graphite/Tungsten
Flex: 72
Grip Sizes: 1 2 3 4 5
Grip Types: Babolat Syntec
Power Level: Low
String Pattern: 16 Mains/20 Crosses — Mains skip: 8T,8H
— One Piece — No Shared Holes
Swing Speed: Fast
Swing Weight: 324

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