Nike tennis shoes are considered by many to be the premier tennis shoes in the industry, and for good reason. Nike shoes are the most utilized tennis shoes by professionals on both the ATP and WTA tours. From legends like Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Serena Williams, down to up-and-coming stars, there is a remarkable level of trust in the innovation provided by Nike.
There are three primary tiers to consider when determining which Nike shoe is best for you:

  • High-End Performance: Nike’s flagship Vapor Line leads the way with the successor to the popular Vapor 9.5, the explosive Vapor X. Tennis players looking for a more durable option can trust the second most popular shoe on tour, the Nike Cage 3. Also among Nike’s top shoes is the recently-released Zoom Zero Tennis Shoe.
  • Mid-Level Performance: Tennis players who prefer a more cost-effective, yet high-performing, shoe often shop in this range. The Air Zoom Prestige is essentially a less-expensive version of the Vapor X. Air Zoom Ultra Tennis Shoes are another responsive option for more casual players. For mid-tier durability, Nike offers the Air Zoom Resistance Tennis Shoe.
  • Value Shoes: Those who are new to tennis, or do not need highly-specialized shoes, should shop for value shoes. These tennis shoes are the least expensive available, but still allow players to experience the benefits of a tennis-specific shoe. Nike offers the Court Lite and Court Lite Premium for this purpose.

At Tennis Express, we also offer a few running shoes, training shoes, and slides to complement our wide selection of tennis shoes. Don’t forget to check out our sales section to shop discounted Nike tennis shoes.

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