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Thursday, August 16, 2012 Try Wilson's BLX Game Improvement Frames

Wilson BLX

Wilson ushered in the ultra-lightweight, head heavy, game improvement frame segment with the original Hammer line over 20 years ago. They then upped the ante with the SledgeHammer a couple of years later. The addition of BLX technology has yielded several updated versions for players looking for a little extra oomph.

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The One BLX puts BLX technology on a traditional head shape with an ultra-light 118 square inch frame with Amplifeel for added comfort in the handle. It also uses Wilson’s Dual Taper Beam design for increased stability and power through the frame’s natural bending zone.

The Cierzo Two BLX is an incredibly powerful BLX frame, using a super-oversize 120 square inch version of the SledgeHammer’s teardop head, along with a 27.9 inch length, ultra-light 9.1 ounce frame and 30mm widebody beam for massive power on slower, shorter swings.

wilson one and wilson cierzo

Wilson Stratus Three and Tempest Four

The Stratus Three BLX takes it down just a notch with a 115 head size, 27.5 inch frame, and 30mm widebody beam, weighing in just .1oz heavier than the Cierzo Two. The addition of Triad technology and its IsoZorb cushioning between the frame’s sections helps it dampen large amounts of shock, enhancing the feel of the BLX design.

The Tempest Four BLX puts SledgeHammer technology on an even lighter scale, with an 8.1 ounce frame weight for those wanting the most help with their swing speed. A 110 square inch head sits atop a barely longer than normal 27.25 inch frame with a mid-wide 26mm beam. It is the most maneuverable frame in the line.

The Five BLX improves upon one of Wilson’s most popular game improvement frames (the Khamsin Five BLX), using Triad technology with IsoZorb to dampen unwanted shock, along with Amplifeel for improved comfort and touch from a full mid-plus 103 square inch frame. Wilson Five BLX
Wilson Coral Reef BLX and Tidal BLX

The Coral Reef BLX and Tidal Force BLX round out the line with head light game improvement frames at a value-oriented price point. The Tidal Force has a very low 288 swingweight, making it easy to whip the 105 square inch head up the back of the ball for extreme topspin. It also sports Wilson’s Linear Geometry, using a wider base to the beam for up to 35% greater stability over classic beam designs.

The 110 square inch Coral Reef increases the swingweight and flex a bit for more power, and amps it up some more with Articulated Grommet Technology (AGT), allowing for up to 76 degrees of string movement (vs. 22 degrees for standard grommets). Increased string movement means better ball pocketing for improved shock absorption, and greater retention of energy for added ball speed off the strings.

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