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Tuesday, August 14, 2012 What is BLX?

Wilson has loaded up on technology with their BLX frame line. “BLX” stands for the addition of “BL”, or basalt rock (volcanic ash) as a comfort aid (woven into the carbon matrix of the frame) with nine other Wilson technologies, for a total of ten (X), which are used in various combinations in frames throughout the line (the other 9 are [K]arophite Black, Linear Geometry, Articulated Grommet Technology (AGT), Double Braid, PWS, FX, IsoZorb, Hammer, and Dual Taper Beam). For 2012, Wilson has updated the line with Amplifeel for added comfort and touch. It’s safe to say that somewhere in this line is a racquet for you! Demo a BLX frame today!


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