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Friday, November 16, 2012 Wilson Blades 2013: Choose Your Weapon

Milos Raonic Wilson Blade

The Wilson Blade line of racquets has become the definition of the “modern” player’s frame. Featuring a little less weight than traditional player’s sticks, the new Wilson Blades allow for more racquet head speed and vicious topspin production. Of course, they also retain control through dense string patterns, lower flex levels, and narrow beams. For 2013 Wilson has made notable improvements in the line to enhance power, control, spin, and feel.

What’s New: Wilson has kept many of the high-performance aspects of the previous Blade line, while still mixing in some new technology and striking aesthetics. First, all new Blade frames get an upgrade with Wilson’s Amplifeel handle system. By installing basalt “planks” under the foam handle, each new Blade frame shows improved vibration control, while still giving players high-level feedback on shot response. Second, the Blade flat beams have been carried over, but they’ve been slightly narrowed on each model for more feel and control. The third new feature is the introduction of an all-black “stealth” paint job replacing last year’s black and gold coloring. The big news here is the introduction of a 16x19 string pattern option on the Blade 98. Opening up the string face will make the Blade 98 16x19 more powerful and spin-friendly than the standard Blade 98 18x20.

The Blade series is the choice of 75% of Wilson’s Next Gen players (right). Check them out and see which one is right for you!

Wilson Next Gen Players

Blade 93: The Blade 93 is the “tour” version in the series, and is designed for the aggressive player looking for maximum precision and accuracy. The traditional flat beam has had its width reduced to 20.2mm for maximum control. Plus, the Blade Tour’s 93 square inch head, 18x20 string pattern, 12 oz. strung weight, and 7 point head light balance provide tour-level stability and feel. The new Blade 93 has been gifted with Wilson’s Amplifeel technology for maximum comfort and feel.

Blade 98: Milos Raonic (pictured above) is Wilson’s leading Next Gen player, and he’s used his BLX Blade 98 to rise into the game’s elite. In 2013, Raonic will use the new BLX 98 in hopes of challenging the game’s best. By reducing the beam width to 20.6mm, Wilson has made the new Blade 98 even more forgiving and controllable. Aggressive, modern baseline players now have two string pattern choices to produce a Blade 98 tailor-made to their games. The standard, ultra-control Blade 18x20 pattern is still available (click here to watch the video review), along with a more powerful and spin-friendly 16x19 string bed. The Blade 98’s 11.3 oz. weight and 2 point head light balance have been retained, and Amplifeel has been added to make the new Blade 98 the ultimate weapon for all Next Gen games.

Blade 104: Many players love the Blade frames, but could use some added power. If you fall into this camp, the Blade 104 could be just the ticket. Picking up where the Blade Team left off, the Blade 104 is the ultimate “player’s power” frame. In fact, it’s used our tour by Venus and Serena Williams! Double Hole grommets team with Power Holes in the sweet spot to provide improved dampening and feel from added ball pocketing, along with increased power due to a greater “trampoline effect.”

This racquet also features an extra half inch in length to add leverage and power to your serve. Not to worry, however, because the Blade 104 shares many of the signature Blade control factors: the beam width has been narrowed slightly to 22mm for control and feel, and its light weight (at 10.8 oz. strung) and 4-point head light balance will allow for great maneuverability and racquet head speed. Its 104 square inch head is the largest in the series, providing power and stability on off-center hits like no other Blade can. You’ll also find that the 18x19 string pattern will help you place your shots with confidence. Amplifeel will filter out whatever shock is left, leaving the Blade 104 player with nothing short of miraculous, controlled power.

So, there you have it: Wilson has taken the already potent Blade series of frames and made them even better for 2013. By narrowing the beams slightly, all Blade frames have even better control, and Amplifeel technology is there to take away unwanted shock and vibration. String pattern options make the Blade 98 even more versatile, and the black finish paint jobs will make your Blade even more of a weapon than ever before.

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