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YONEX VCORE 98D Tennis Racquet

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With a larger headsize and lighter weight than the 95, the Yonex VCORE 98D bridges the gap between tweener and control racquet lines. The thin beam and 98 sq. in. headsize say control racquet, while the moderate 11.3oz weight offers incredible quickness and ease of use. Taking the place of the RDiS100 MP, this one is lighter both in static weight and through the air, but maintains great control and stability. The VCORE 98D takes advantage of the newest Yonex technology, the 3D Vector Shaft, which increases the stiffness of the throat area by utilizing grooves cut into the shaft along the inside. The result is that the stiffer shaft area greatly enhances torsional stability, allowing the racquet to resist twisting on off center impacts, providing greater control and precision. According to Yonex, the 3D name of the shaft stems from the belief that by reducing the energy loss on shots hit outside the sweetspot, the player is able to control and dictate in the three important dimensions; height, width, and depth. The VCORE line is designed to allow players the ability to change directions and attack with short angles, play shots with greater topspin and hit them high to force opponents back, and also flatten out shots to penetrate the court with depth. To further enhance stability, the top and sides of the head have been reinforced with the X-Fullerene material, which utilizes X-bonded Carbon Spheres in crosslinking the graphite layers for increased stiffness. The added stiffness of the crosslinked graphite allows the beam to be made thinner, reducing air resistance for greater maneuverability. Our testers found this racquet to provide surprising stability given the extremely quick feel. The Drive series is designed for players that seek to dictate points with deep, penetrating shots and put opponents on defense early. Combining classic control and stability with a lighter overall weight, the VCORE 98D is a perfect racquet for attacking players that want all the performance of a control racquet with a faster feel to it.

Note: This racquet comes with a cover

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YONEX VCORE 98D Tennis Racquet Combining the control of a midplus headsize with a lighter weight, the Yonex VCORE 98D offers incredible stability and control in this quick, agile racquet. Around 11.3oz. strung, this frame provides a solid feel for players of all styles to dictate points with their attacking game. Category: Stanislas Wawrinka Product #: VC98D Regular price: $235.00 $ $129.00 Available from: Tennis Express Condition: New In stock!
VCORE 98D Tennis Racquet 4.66666666667 out of 5 based on 9 ratings. 9 user reviews.