New Colorways for Days : Nike adds Air Zoom Prestige, updates Air Zoom Ultras

New Colorways for Days : Nike adds Air Zoom Prestige, updates Air Zoom Ultra Colors

As we enter championship weekend at the Miami Open, Nike is releasing some fun summertime colors of the Air Zoom Ultra and a new shoe called the Air Zoom Prestige. Both shoes feature a lot of value and features packed into a great price at under $100.

Updated Ultras

This light-weight shoe features Nike’s Flywire cables to give players a customized fit, and a Zoom Air unit to provide the cushioning needed for hard court training sessions.

The Zoom Ultra women’s collection gets the vibrant Tangerine Tint, Blue Fury, and Vast Gray options. 

Nike Tangerine Tint Zoom Ultra Blue Fury Nike Zoom UltraVast Gray Air Zoom Ultimate

The Men’s Zoom Air Ultra gets a refresh with Green Abyss,  Phantom with White, Black and White, and Atmosphere Gray.

Nike Green Abyss Zoom UltraNike Zoom Ultra PhantomBlack Air Zoom UltraNike Atmosphere Gray Air Zoom Ultra

The Prestige

Nike White Air Zoom Prestige LeatherNike Wolf Air Zoom Prestige LeatherAt left and right are the men’s leather color variants in White, and Wolf Gray, respectively.

In 2018 Nike launched the Zoom Vapor X, Roger Federer’s shoe of choice. The X further improved the technology of the long standing Vapor 9.5. The Air Zoom Prestige has a the Dynamic Fit System and a similar design as the older Vapor 9.5. The shoe has a Nike Zoom Air cushioning unit in the heel, and offers a low-to-the-ground feel in a lightweight package. Nike offers this shoe in a full leather option (Men’s) and a more modern light-weight mesh and synthetic option (Men’s and Women’s). The leather version will shape to your foot more, while the synthetic version will be more ventilated and breathable.


Other color options for men (synthetic):

Nike Black Air Zoom Prestige Nike Phantom Air Zoom Prestige Nike Green Abyss Air Zoom Prestige Nike White Zoom Air PrestigeNike Habanero Red Air Zoom Prestige

Check out the women’s colors for the Air Zoom Prestige:

Nike Women's Air Zoom Prestige White Nike Women's Blue Fury Air Zoom Prestige Nike Women's Air Zoom Prestige Clay

Please note the women’s Prestige White Hot Lava colorway comes with a Clay Court out-sole. It may be worn on hard courts, but will wear out more quickly. Stay tuned to the TE blog for upcoming news about the Vapor X’s, Cages, and Ultra Reacts Oh My!!!

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