Nike Tennis Shoe Collection for 2020 US Open

2020 has been a year of uncertainty; but one constant we can count on in the tennis world is that Nike will keep designing looks intended for the grand slams that we can sport on the court – or just for everyday casual.  This year, Nike celebrates US Open tennis with new looks for five of their most popular tennis shoes: the Cage 4, Court Lite, Vapor X, Vapor X Knit, and the GP Turbo. Unlike those designed for Wimbledon the collection of shoes for NYC has distinctive color combinations that perfectly capture the spirit of the city that never sleeps. These high-energy styles are the perfect way to inject some color into your tennis and athleisure wardrobes.

Nike Men's Vapor Cage 4 Tennis Shoes in White and Solar Red                                                   Nike Women's Vapor Cage 4 Tennis Shoes in White and Laser Fucshia

The Nike Cage 4 Collection

The Nike Men’s and Women’s Cage 4 designs may differ the most of the bunch, with the women’s being sleek white wrapped in a splash of Sapphire and finished off with Nike’s Laser Fuchsia. In contrast, the men’s version heats up the court with a flame-like design along the lateral side, and a splash of Hot Lime across the toe box. Contrasting sole, swoosh and eyelet covers give it a look that’s straight out of NYC, the city deemed the Fashion Capital of the Decade.

The Nike Court Lite Collection

The men’s Nike Court Lite may start with basic black, white, and grey, but the pop of bright Neo Turquoise by way of the Nike swoosh brings new life to this model in the collection. The women’s version also has a neutral base, but gets a Laser Fuchsia swoosh and a Hot Lime sole for a color scheme that’s extremely versatile on and off the court..

Nike Men's Air Zoom Vapor X Tennis Shoes in Black and Volt                                                  Nike Women's Air Zoom Vapor X Tennis Shoes in Black and Laser Fucshia

The Nike Zoom Vapor X Collection

The Nike Zoom Vapor X’s design is a complete departure from its predecessor, with a new dichotomous look that pairs colors with high contrast. The men’s Nike Vapor X features basic black with Nike’s high-energy Volt for a shoe that’s anything but basic, and Black with Laser Fuchsia for the women.

Nike Men's Vapor X Knit Tennis Shoes Neo Turq and Volt                                                   Nike Women's Vapor X Knit Tennis Shoes in Sapphire and Hot Lime

The Nike Zoom Vapor X Knit Collection

The Nike Vapor X Knit gets a completely new look as well, sporting a unique ombre effect with its Neo Turquoise upper fading into black for the men, and Nike’s Sapphire fading into black for the women. Both shoes in the collection come to life on court with the unexpected addition of striking green and Hot Lime accents, respectively.

Nike Men's Air Zoom GP Turbo Tennis Shoes in White and Solar Red                                                  Nike Women's Air Zoom GP Turbo Tennis Shoe in White and Laser Fucshia


The Nike GP Turbo Collection

The Men’s and Women’s Nike GP Turbo tennis shoes break the trend by being the most similar designs of the collection – but that doesn’t make them dull. For both versions, all of Nike’s newest colors come together in one upper to reflect the energy and diversity of the Big Apple, with the full range of colors throughout the upper and sole. The iconic Nike swoosh is in the same color family for both, with the men’s version bearing a Solar Red logo and the women’s version making its mark on the court or on the town with Laser Fuchsia.

With so many great Nike tennis designs to choose from, which do you take home?  While they will all serve the purpose of sprucing up your wardrobe, each model in the collection has its own unique advantages to consider. If you tend to wear out your shoes  quickly, give the ultra durable Cage 4 a try. The Vapor X will give you a super snug fit while still allowing for extra room in the toe box. The breathability and light weight of the Vapor X Knit is ideal for those who are constantly searching for shoe bombs, if you know what I mean. Stability, comfort, breathability, roomy toe box, whatever tops your priority list, there’s a Nike tennis shoe that’s up to the task. So the real question is:  which will you not take home?

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