Spin Friendly Alternatives to Polyester Strings

Tons of players seek strings with better access to spin, but do not like the discomfort that can come from polyester. We highlighted a few below in the multifilament, synthetic gut, and monofilament categories.

Multifilament Strings

Multifilament strings are probably the best selection for players that more comfort. Today more manufacturers are creating a mix of multifilament strings with spin benefits.  Multifilaments that produce spin will often have a textured outside layer or a special wrap to assist with extra spin, while the multiple inside layers help soften the feel. Some new modern options incorporate a blend of polyester and polyamide fibers to help durability and control, while maintaining comfort.

Examples of Spin Friendly Multifilaments are:

Tecnifibre HDMX Tennis StringTecnifibre HDMX – HDMX Tennis String was developed for the larger group of tennis players that find themselves in between multifilament and polyester strings. With Hybrid 3D technology, HDMX incorporates a blend of polyeurethane for comfort, polyester for control, and polyamide fibers for power.

The concept is to blend the comfort and forgiveness of a multifilament with the control and durability of a polyester. The string has Tecnifibre’s SPL anti-abrasion treatment to enhance durability. HDMX represents a great “first step” when leaving the world of multifilament strings in search for better durability and precision, while maintaining comfort.


Gamma Ocho XP

Gamma Ocho XP – This string starts with Gamma’s Live Wire XP fibers and Zyex fibers to enable power, comfort and a crisp feel. It’s then wrapped with Zyex monofilaments and covered with an 8-sided layer to allow for spin.

Live Wire is a popular multifilament for players that like softer feeling strings and combining it with Ocho gives players more spin potential without the harshness.


HEAD Rip Control

Head Rip Control – The ribbon wrapped outer layer of this string provides a texture which aids in spin production.

It does offer a muted feel, but not very much power production much like a polyester. It has been tested to produce spin like many polyester strings so players with more power, but need more control Rip Control may be a good start.

Synthetic Gut Strings

Synthetic Gut strings generally consist of a solid central core, with nylon outer wraps. These strings are not overly expensive and offer a strong blend of feel, durability, and comfort. Some manufacturers have tinkered with different coatings and shapes to help increase spin production.

Examples of Spin-Friendly Synthetic Gut Strings are:

Gamma Ocho TNT Rx Tennis String

Gamma Ocho TNT Rx – Gamma combined two of their most popular strings into one so players can have a more arm friendly spin string. The inner structure of this string has a Zorbicon material core which dampens shock and the outer layer is now 8-sided which gives more bite on the ball. Ocho is originally a polyester string, but Gamma wanted to give players other softer string options.


Gamma TNT Rough Tennis String

Gamma TNT Ruff – TNT Ruff starts with the Elastilon2 polymer core which gives you more power. They have added an exclusive thermal processing to enhance the overall feel and an improved textured surface to provide more spin. Players that previously enjoyed the popular TNT2 may enjoy the TNT Ruff a little bit more.


Wilson Sensation Plus Tennis String

Wilson Sensation Plus – This update to one of the most popular strings of all time keeps the same comfort, but it adds a layer of metallic ribbons to increase durability. Try the 16G for maximum durability, or the 17G for more spin and power.


Non-Polyester Mono-filaments

A few brands have mimicked the mono-filament structure of a polyester string, but they have used different materials to insure greater comfort.

Diadem Evolution – this string is a nylon bases polyamide which has been extruded as a mono-filament. It is incredibly soft, but has a low-friction silicon based coating for improved snap back.

Diadem Evolution Tennis String

Ashaway MonoGut ZX Tennis String

Ashaway Monogut ZX – takes a polyester free route to give players consistent spin and feel. Utilizing Zyex, which has an dynamic stiffness similar to natural gut, Monogut ZX elongates for impressive energy return, but offers more spin potential than the aforementioned gut. The manufacturer recommends stringing this below 60 pounds and lowering your normal string tension 10-20%. Monogut ZX offers impressive tension maintenance when compared polyester strings.


Producing spin is an important part of the game. It helps big hitters keep control over their shots. Hopefully some of these options can help produce plenty of spin, but with more comfort and feel. Check out our amazing string selection on our string page.


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