Tecnifibre Triax Bridges the Gap between Multi and Poly Tennis Strings

Over the last several years, Tecnifibre has been mixing different materials to try and create the “missing link” between the stiffer, control-oriented polyester string and softer, more powerful multifilament string. The brand’s newest addition, Triax, looks to close that gap by creating an internal Multi-Poly Fusion. See what our playtester thought about this new string.

10 Best Steps to Bouncing Back into Tennis Shape after Having a Baby

Yes, getting in shape after giving birth is hard, but luckily it’s not impossible. Just look at tennis. The WTA tour has some big-name moms – Serena Williams, Victoria Azarenka and past tennis greats like Kim Clijsters, Margaret Court and Evonne Goolagong Cawley. These women are living proof that motherhood and fitness aren’t mutually exclusive. So whether your goal is to get back into pro form or just to fit into your pre-pregnancy tennis whites, here are our top tips to get your tennis groove back after becoming a mom

HEAD MxG One = MxG Fun?

Head adds the MxG 1 and the MxG 7 to their MxG series of racquets. The 1 is the most control oriented MxG racquet to date and features a mid-plus head size with a flat beam design. The 7 is the most powerful frame in the MxG catalog and has an expansive super-oversize head, and an extra-long 27.6 inch length.

Wilson Ultra 100 CV: The Kinder, Gentler Ultra

Not just a powerful racquet, The Ultra has significant upgrades in comfort and control. One of the most enjoyable aspects of the Ultra 100 is how easy it is to generate power. Today’s players grind from well behind the baseline, but also have the skills to venture forward and finish off points at the net. The Ultra line was created to help players be effective and explosive from every inch of the court.