Top Tennis Racquets of the Year 2022

What a year it has been in the tennis racquet world. The top brands updated some of their most popular models, and there are a few brand new lines as well. Read through our list of the top tennis racquets of the year to find which frame can take your game to the next level!

HEAD Speed Pro (control)

This racquet is the only one on our list with an 18×20 string pattern. HEAD added their Auxetic construction within the racquet bridge. The special makeup responds by adapting its internal structure for superb feedback and a solid impact feel. Auxetic works in tandem with HEAD’s Graphene Inside tech which places the material in key portions throughout the racket for improved stability and ball speed.

The Speed Pro features an aerodynamic cross section to max out swing speed and power. For a constant beam design, it has a thicker 23 millimeter beam which gives players a touch more stability and power than they might expect. The Speed Pro has elements of typical control frames but the soft flex, thicker beam, and new technology make this version more user friendly than the last generation.HEAD Speed Pro 2022 Tennis Racuqet

Babolat Pure Aero (tweener)

The Pure Aero has been one of the best selling tennis rackets in the world for more than a decade. Babolat just about perfected the ideal tweener spec. The racquet’s 10.6 ounce unstrung weight keeps it maneuverable enough to be used by just about anyone, and the third generation Aeromodular beam makes it easy to create racquet head speed for more spin. The beam design is thicker at the 3 and 9 o’clock positions of the head to keep the racquet stable.

While the previous version relied on CORTEX PURE FEEL, Babolat replaced it in the new version with NF²-TECH. Flax is inserted at strategic locations within the frame for optimal shock absorption. What really stands out with this Pure Aero is the more comfortable feel. This model transcends ability levels and playing styles, and that is one of the key reasons for its staying power and a pick for one of the top tennis racquets of the year.Babolat Pure Aero Tennis Racquet

Babolat Strike VS (control)

The Aero and Drive franchises both had VS models, and this year we finally got the Strike VS. This modelthe VS has a thin beam, 97 head, and an old school leather grip! The Strike VS is the most flexible model in Babolat’s catalog, and it features Control Frame Technology that advanced all-court players will love. The 16×20 string pattern stretched across a 97 square inch head offers a nice blend of spin and power. And at 10.9 ounces unstrung, this model is surprisingly easy to swing thanks to the solidly head light balance. The Pure Strike VS is an ideal racquet for an advanced player who wants a Babolat with a softer flex and finely tuned feel. Babolat Pure Strike VS Tennis Racket



Yonex EZONE 100 7th Gen (tweener)

The EZONE racquets are used extensively on the WTA and ATP tours, but they have impressive popularity with recreational players as well. Yonex racquets feature the brands’ Isometric head shape, which is designed to stretch out the sweet spot for improved forgiveness.

For this generation, Yonex modified the beam with an inverted frame design to create a softer feel. 2G-NAMD Speed has been added to the throat section to reduce energy loss and add stability. Yonex increased the size of the shaft (just above the grip) with a convex design to reduce torque and provide more power on off-center hits. Yonex refers to the EZONE as the “the easy one” because it’s designed to make playing easier at all levels.Yonex EZONE 100 (7th Gen) Tennis Racquet

Wilson Ultra 100 v4 (tweener)

While the Ultra 100 v3 model was very powerful, it was not the most forgiving frame for tender arms and elbows. Thankfully v4 got a slimmer and more comfortable profile, not to mention a nice cosmetic. Highlighted by the integration of FORTYFIVE° into the lay-up for a softer, more comfortable feel, this frame provides easy power for its users.

The Ultra 100 still packs quite a punch, but the response is much more comfortable and faster through the air. This model is a homerun for seasoned league players, who want an injection of power without a loss of comfort.Wilson Ultra 100 v4 Tennis Racket


HEAD Extreme MP (tweener)

The Extreme from HEAD is designed for players who like to put a lot of spin on their shots. An open string pattern helps the ball dig into the string bed, and an easy-to-swing 10.6 unstrung weight is easy to handle on the run. This model features the brands’ Auxetic construction in the bridge for better feedback, and enlarged SPIN grommets to promote more string movement for greater power. There many racquets designed to enhance spin on the market, but the HEAD Extreme MP might be the most comfortable of them all.HEAD Auxetic Extreme MP Tennis Racquet



Wilson Clash 100 Pro (control)

Wilson certainly hit a home run with their cosmetics of late. The Clash 100 Pro v2 goes with a sleeker look, and a mostly infrared color scheme. The racquet uses Wilson’s FORTYFIVE°, a patent-protected carbon construction that creates maximum flexibility and stability at impact for an uncompromising blend of power, control and feel. The racquet tip makeup has been revised for a more consistent sweetspot. Previous Clash Pro users will appreciate the added control of the 16×20 string pattern in version 2. The Clash 100 Pro is a modern racquet for an advanced player who wants a little bit of everything when battling it out on the court.Wilson Clash 100 Pro v2

Tecnifibre TFIGHT ISO 305 (control)

The brand continued the momentum of Daniil Medvedev’s US Open title with a two major season for Iga Swiatek. Tecnifibre added ISOFLEX technology to the TFIGHT 305 and the result is a more comfortable racquet. The technology alters the racquet stiffness in key areas of the head, allowing for greater flex on longer strings, and greater power on shorter strings. The 305 is not the heaviest racquet in their lineup, but it punches above its weight class with a hefty swingweight. The 18×19 string pattern and RS Section beam give this racquet a nice level of precision and stability.Tecnifibre T-Fight ISO Tennis Racquet

Dunlop SX 300 (tweener)

Dunlop’s revamped SX 300 features a redistributed string pattern, which stretches an already generous sweet spot. The V-Energy groove in the shaft adds stability. The racquet has Spin Boost grommets which are designed to increase string movement for greater spin and power. Dunlop uses Sonic Core with Infinergy inside the upper portion of the head for a dampened response. This model is perfect for intermediate and advanced players with long and fast swings who want to dominate the competition with spin.Dunlop SX 300 2022 Tennis Racket.

Volkl C10 EVO (control)

Volkl remixed their most beloved racket with the introduction of the all new Volkl C10 Evo. This model takes the mold of the renowned C10 Pro and shaves a significant amount of weight off to make it accessible to more players and match up to the modern style of play. It retains the use of the Twin Absorber handle construction to minimize vibration and boost comfort. With a thin beam and classic feel, the C10 Evo looks to bridge the gap between old school response and modern speed. A razor thin beam should  be an ideal choice for a big hitter.Volkl C10 EVO

HEAD Boom MP (tweener)

Ending our list of top tennis racquets of the year is none other than the Head Boom MP. Sporting a completely different head shape, Morph Beam design, and new Auxetic construction, the Boom series is designed to be more forgiving for every player out there. Auxetic constructions widen when a “pull” force is applied and contract when squeezed. To provide greater consistency across the racquet face, the Boom models feature HEAD’s UNI PATTERN, which sees the same string spacing across the entire racquet face. The Boom MP is features a spacious 100 square inch head, and a speedy 10.4 ounce unstrung weight. This model is light enough for beginners and stable enough to be used by intermediate and advanced players.HEAD Boom MP Tennis Racquet

That sums up our list of top tennis racquets of the year. Be sure to visit to browse our selection of tennis gear including racquets, shoes, apparel, bags, and more! If you are looking for a new racquet, check out our demo racquet program.

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