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Volkl Tennis has racquet options for advanced, intermediate, and novice players. The V-Feel Tennis Racquet line incorporates V-Cell technology for improved stability and REVA for improvements in shock absorption. V-Tex is a Silicone-polymer based butt cap designed to improve dampening in the handle, and is present throughout the entire Volkl V-Feel Tennis Racquet line. Volkl uses an easy-to-understand numbering system where racquet models with lower numbers are more powerful, like the V-Feel 2 and V-Feel 4. The higher numbers are for players who can supply their own power, such as the V-Feel 8 and V-Feel 9.

Volkl Tennis Racquets traditionally have an open string pattern for easy access to spin, and a unique oval head shape to open up the sweet spot. Volkl has kept bestselling racquets from years past, like the V1 Classic and C10 Pro, in their catalog for players who are addicted to the Volkl feel.

Big on comfort, spin, and power, Volkl Tennis Racquets have carved a solid niche at Tennis Express. Head over to our Volkl String Section to find great pricing on the popular Volkl Cyclone string series.

To learn more about the innovative approach behind Volkl's tennis racquets, visit our page aboutVolkl racquet technologies!

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