Tourna String Comparison: Something “Unique” For Everyone

Unique Sports (a.k.a. Tourna) continues to diversify their tennis catalog. So much so, they aren’t just the “light blue grip that does not slip” brand anymore. With solid choices in the polyester, multifilament and synthetic gut categories, Tourna has some impressive options for those seeking peak performance with solid value. Below, we highlight some of Tourna’s best-selling options and how they compare to other popular brands.


Tourna String Awards Chart


Big Hitter Black 7

Tourna Big Hitter Black 7Tourna Big Hitter Black 7 String Construction

This is a 7 sided co-poly string that gives you extreme spin and bite on the ball. During the manufacturing process, this string is extruded through a special dye to create a sharp, seven sided string designed to enhance your grip. To improve playability, Big Hitter Black 7 was created with low-range power, incredible precision and comfort in mind. The co-polyester nature of the string allows it to remain durable while maintaining flexibility for a softer feel. Players agree across the country that Black 7 gives you as much spin as you want; however, the drawback is less power. This has been one of Tourna’s bestselling strings since 2012 and it’s rated #1 for spin from the United States Racquet Stringers Association (USRSA). Players can compare this string to Babolat RPM Blast, Dunlop Black Widow or Volkl Cyclone.


Big Hitter Silver

Tourna Big Hitter Silver

This is the brand’s original polyester design that drew in a lot of attention. The early 2000s was when polyester strings were rapidly growing and Big Hitter Silver was an avid competitor to Luxilon Big Banger Original. It’s one of the few strings to use aluminum fibers in its poly-poly ether composition to allow for surprising resilience and ball control. Additionally, it was awarded #1 in 2004 by USRSA for resistance to movement and #2 for durability. If you’re an aggressive hitter that’s looking for more control, tension maintenance, and durability, then this string is just right for you. Due to Big Hitter Silver’s higher stiffness, the brand recommends stringing it 5-10% lower than normal tension. Players can compare this string to Solinco Hyper G and Luxilon Big Banger Original.


Big Hitter Blue and Blue Rough

After the success of Big Hitter Silver, Tourna also released a similar string formula but in different colors. Big Hitter Blue is their next release that made a great impression in 2008 getting the #10 best overall string by USRSA. Not much was changed except for a subtle drop in playability and power. As a frequent string breaker myself, I personally loved Big Hitter Blue because it would always last 2-3 weeks and seemed to hold tension the longest. This one compares to Luxilon Big Banger Original.

Tourna Big Hitter BlueTourna Big Hitter Blue Rough

Tourna Big Hitter Blue Rough String Construction


In 2010, we started to see more companies transition to shaped polyester strings. Tourna was no exception and took a stab at it with Big Hitter Blue Rough. It uses the same poly-poly ether composition and aluminum fiber makeup as Big Hitter Blue, but features a pentagonal shaped surface and little twist to enhance ball bite and create even greater spin. There’s still a great amount of resiliency and durability so aggressive players can attack the ball without fear of breaking strings. This is one of Tourna’s most awarded polyester strings on the market being rated #1 in control and spin, #2 in best overall string and #3 in resistance to movement for 2011. Players can compare this one to Babolat Pro Hurricane and Pro Hurricane Tour.


Big Hitter Silver 7 Tour

Tourna Big Hitter Silver 7

To play off their success from Big Hitter Black 7, Tourna is releasing a new string called Big Hitter Silver 7 Tour to the market. This co-poly takes the same control oriented approach, but adds in a heptagonal design for massive bite and spin potential. This new string shape, along with impressive tension maintenance enable this string to be popular with aggressive baseliners who value spin and control. It offers a firmer, crisp feeling off the string bed but will lose a little durability due to notching. Although this one doesn’t have any awards yet from USRSA, we feel it may be just a matter of time. Players can compare this one to Babolat RPM Blast or Luxilon Big Banger Original Rough.


Quasi Gut & Quasi Gut Armour

These multifilament strings are two of the best on the market. Around the same time Tourna released Big Hitter Blue Rough, the brand also released their signature Quasi Gut. It takes a different approach by utilizing a thermo-elastic polyurethane resin to bind the multifilament core for enhanced tension maintenance and longer playability. The tightly wound microfibers are coated to extend time before fraying begins and are wrapped again with larger filaments in an outerwrap. This construction change gives it a more “Natural Gut” like performance on the court without the high price tag. In 2010 the USRSA rated it #5 for best overall feel, #6 for overall playability and #7 for comfort. Most players will find Quasi Gut comparable to Tecnifibre NRG2.

Tourna Quasi Gut Multifilament StringTourna Quasi Gut Armour Multifilament String

Tourna Quasi Gut Armour String Construction

Quasi Gut Armor is an extension to the multifilament family that ads a co-poly wrap on the outer surface of the same Quasi Gut inner construction. This results in a crisper response on contact with increased durability and no sacrifice on comfort, touch or feel. USRSA even thought highly of this string rating it #2 for comfort in 2013 behind only Natural Gut. Additionally, it also rated #3 for touch and feel, #9 for playability and #10 for power. This is comparable to Wilson NXT.


String NameTourna String Name
Babolat RPM BlastBig Hitter Silver 7 Tour
Luxilon Big Banger OriginalBig Hitter Silver 7 Tour or Big Hitter Blue
Solinco Hyper GBig Hitter Silver
Babolat Pro Hurricane TourBig Hitter Blue Rough
Dunlop Black Widow and Volkl CycloneBig Hitter Black 7
Wilson NXTQuasi Gut Armour
Tecnifibre NRG 2Quasi Gut


Whether you’re looking for a more durable or feel oriented string, Tourna has a plethora of options that can fit your needs at great price points. Shop for the latest Tourna strings today at Tennis Express and discover their award winning formula.

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