What To Put In Your Tennis Bag?

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Whether you’re a newbie to tennis or an avid tournament player, there’s always some things you need to carry in your tennis bag. Below is a list of tennis gear which are essential to carry on the court with you.


Tennis Racquets

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First things first, the most important thing to carry in your tennis bag are tennis racquets. Everyone’s racquets will differ and many players will carry a different number of frames with them. Most tournament players will carry anywhere from 6-9 racquets in their bag, while a beginner may only need 1-2 frames. It’s always good to have a couple backup frames just in case a string or racquet breaks. Now you will want to keep your racquets protected so it’s best to put them in the main insulated compartments of your bag. This will help keep outside moisture and sun away from the racquet so you can pick it up and play anytime.


Tennis Balls


Obviously another crucial item to playing tennis are tennis balls. It doesn’t matter your age, there’s always a need to put a can of tennis balls in your bag. The type of ball will matter depending on what surface you play on, how high the altitude is, and how old you are. Players should also take into account how often they’re playing and how quickly the court surface gets dirty, especially if you’re playing outside.


Water Bottle


No matter the temperature you’re playing in, you should always bring a sports drink or water bottle. This is mainly to keep yourself healthy and hydrated so you don’t pass out on court. Every person is different on what they want to drink during play, but having at least 24 ounces of water is critical. The best water bottles to get are the ones that can stay cool/hot for hours, but there are many types that can fit your needs. Some players may even need to bring a cooler of cold drinks if it’s super hot.




If you’re a heavy sweater like myself, another essential to carry is a towel. They will come in many different sizes and materials to fit your needs. Some will be smaller and come in mostly cotton form to absorb sweat from your body. Others will be larger and come with high performance technologies that help your body cool down as well as keep your hands dry.


Extra Grips and Dampeners

I always feel the need to add extra overgrips and dampeners to my bag, but not everyone will. I like to play with a dampener on my racquet so in case I lose one I have some back up. Overgrips or replacement grips are always great for when your racquet handle gets too sweaty. You don’t want to play with one grip the whole time and feel like your racquet’s slipping from your hands.


Sun Protection


During the hot summer months, it’s great to keep yourself protected from the blistering sun. Some crucial items to carry in your bag then are sunscreen, a hat or visor, headbands, and wristbands. Players may even consider putting some lip balm or Vaseline in their bag in case their lips get dried out during play. It helps keep your body from thinking it’s dehydrated the whole time you play.


Extra Clothes

Extra clothing is great to keep in your bag since you never know what the weather may actually be like. In the heat you may want to bring extra shirts, shorts, socks, and underwear so you can change after or between sets. I constantly have to bring a change of clothes to replace the ones that I’m wearing during the match since I sweat a lot. Indoors or in the cooler months you may want to bring long sleeve shirts, jackets or pants. It’s always good to bring extra clothing to keep your body warm then to freeze and not feel well after.


Extra Pair of Shoes

I think every player should bring another pair of shoes with them to the courts. This helps give your feet some rest after wearing your tennis shoes for 1-4+ hours on the court. Sandals, Running Shoes or another fresh pair of Tennis Shoes will work very well.


Stretching Gear


Not everyone will feel they need to bring warm-up or stretching gear to the court, but it’s good to keep this in your tennis bag. Stretching before and after you play is great for loosening up the body and enabling it to recover fast without pain. A jump rope, therapy bands, hand grips, foam or massage rollers are great additions and they don’t take up a lot of space.


Backup Strings

Some players may need to bring extra strings to the court if they break them often. Usually this is common for high level tournament players because they are breaking strings every week or so. Backup strings are great to have if you don’t have a regular stringer or store to get your racquets restrung.


Well there you have it. All the tennis gear you should carry in your bag to make sure you’re ready for the court. If you want to stock up on this gear now, head over to Tennis Express.


Play Tester: Chris Virk-Brown

Chris Virk-Brown HeadshotHeight: 5′ 11″
Weight: 205 lbs
NTRP Rating: 4.5
Plays: Right Handed, Two-Handed Backhand
Background: I started the game of tennis in 9th grade after playing basketball and baseball. Through hard work and dedication, I played four years on my varsity team at Liberty High School in Eldersburg, MD, while also playing junior tournaments whenever I could. I was fortunate enough to get recruited to play at Neumann University and play four years of Division III collegiate tennis. While at Neumann I was able to obtain my degree in Marketing and help our team advance twice to the NCAA tournament. After obtaining my undergrad degree, I was able to pursue my Master’s degree in General Management at Elmira College and coach collegiate tennis. Later I went on to coach at Cabrini University and then teach in a variety of incredible venues with Peter Burwash International. Now, in my spare time, I mostly play USTA Leagues and Tournaments to continue enjoying the game I love.

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