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Solinco Hyper G String Review

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Construction: Monofilament Polyester

Color: Green

Gauge: 16G (1.30mm)

Length: 40’ 


Test Racquet / Tension

Head Graphene XT Speed MPA. 16x19 configuration/ 54lbs

Solinco is a brand that prides itself on investing its resources more into research and development than expensive marketing campaigns. They work closely with players and coaches to quietly test and refine new offerings. The newest string in their arsenal, Hyper G, was originally developed with touring pros in mind. After receiving extensive positive feedback, Solinco made the decision to offer the string to the public, beginning around the 2015 US Open. Here is a sneak peek of the on court performance Solinco’s latest string offers.

Hyper G’s power level is on the lower end of the spectrum for polyester. I would rate it as slightly more powerful than the Solinco’s popular Tour Bite, but it is still low power enough to take full cuts at the ball with confidence. I had no trouble hitting out from either wing and the power level gave me strong access to the control needed to keep the ball in the court. Whether trading baseline blows or stepping in to flatten out a short ball, Hyper G provides the control necessary to take confident, aggressive swings. The string is also shaped, like many Solinco offerings, so it does an excellent job grabbing the ball on contact. While it does not provide as much topspin as Tour Bite, I found the spin production above average. Thinner gauges of the string would most likely produce additional spin and pop. I had no trouble using topspin and slices to change my angles of attack and keep my opponents off balance. I actually preferred the level of spin Hyper G produces as it seemed to keep my ball from becoming too loopy while still allowing me to change the height and angle of the ball at will.

Feel / Comfort
The feel of Hyper G is fairly muted. I didn’t find an overly lively response on contact. The medium firmness level means the ball exits the string bed quickly and I didn’t find a tremendous amount of ball pocketing. The reduced flex and deadened feel on impact made it challenging to execute touch shots at times, particularly at net. I found some volleys and drop shots floated more than I wanted as I wasn’t as connected to the string bed as I would have liked. Hyper G’s feel and response rewards more aggressive play and I had no issues trying to execute put away volleys, etc. Comfort was very good for polyester and I was able to play the string at a variety of tensions between 46-55 lbs without issue. Hyper G is a great choice for players who like a firm string bed but want to ensure they have a manageable comfort level.

The durability and consistent playability of Hyper G was a definite bright spot in my testing. I found it to stabilize in tension very quickly, with a predictable rate of tension loss throughout the life of the string. This gave me confidence every time I stepped on court that the string would respond in the expected way. The strings began to notch lightly at the 2-3 hour mark, were heavily notched at 8-9 hours and I broke most sets somewhere between 10-14 hours of play. Compared to my recent tests of other 16L gauge poly, these results are in line with or above most others. Hyper G will be offered in multiple gauges when brought to market, so players will be able to find the blend of playability and durability that suits them best.

Solinco continues to innovate and produce products that serve a wide variety of play styles and levels. The introduction of Hyper G adds additional diversity to their impressive lineup. Offering comparable spin and more comfort than some firmer offerings, it also plays with enough comfort, durability and all court playability to appeal to players who usually consider softer strings. The neon green color also ensures that other players will take notice before you even hit a ball. With solid spin, power, control and comfort, players looking for a versatile polyester offering will want to give strong consideration to Solinco Hyper G.

About the Reviewer: Matt Locke currently serves as the Junior Programs & Development Coordinator for USTA-Idaho and is an active USTA League and Tournament player.