10 Funny Tennis Moments to Remind You Why You Love the Sport

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Sometimes it helps to step back, relax, and get silly on the tennis court!

Tennis during Quarantine:

Due to the coronavirus, tennis players are stuck at home. Our team has created a series of fun photo contests to keep tennis players connected to the sport they love . Throughout the summer, we’ll be offering exciting contests with even more exciting rewards!

Funny Tennis Moments

This past week, we asked the tennis community to share with us their funny tennis moments. Using the hashtags #SillyTennis and #TennisExpress, the online world of tennis players got to work, and inspired all of us with their humor! Here are our favorite 10 funny tennis moments:


1. Silly and Cute, the perfect pairing!


2. You don’t just have to play Alex, you have to play all of the Alexs’!


3. The best way to throw your opponent off is with your tennis moves. This definitely applies!


4. Sometimes just drinking water is not enough to cool down.


5. This was not what we expected when he said tennis was always on his mind.

6. With a racquet this big, you can’t miss anything!


7. What a hit!

8. #TweenerAlert!

9. Tweeners Galore!

10. We all know someone who serves like the ones on this list.

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