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2020 is here (can you believe it?) and our favorite tennis racquet companies did not hibernate too much over the holidays from the looks of things. HEAD delivered a revamped Prestige collection, Yonex flipped the switch and updated the popular Ezone racquet franchise, Dunlop launched the new SX racquets to build upon the popular CX line from last year, and Babolat brings some Olympic pride to their most popular models. Here is short racquet roundup to get you up to speed.

Head Graphene 360+ Prestige Racquets

Last year, HEAD gave us Spiralfiber technology in the new Gravity racquets. The new Prestige gets the Graphene 360+ overhaul and vastly improved comfort compared with the previous generation. The Prestige MP is the real head turner here.

HEAD Graphene 360+ Prestige MP Tennis Racquet

HEAD made a completely new mold, which is larger than the traditional 95 square inches we have grown accustomed to. The new 98 square inch head offers a little bit more forgiveness and power, along with more spin-friendly response. The 18 x 20 string pattern sticks around, but with a new thinner 20 millimeter flat beam design. The best news for Prestige fans is the softer flex (61 RA rating) and comfortable feel of the Prestige MP. The rest of the lineup features the old school Prestige Mid, the strong and stable Prestige Pro, and the 2nd Generation Prestige Tour. The Tour represents a Prestige that is still a control racquet, but is easier to play than the rest of the racquets.

RacquetHead SizeBeam WidthString PatternUnstrung BalanceUnstrung Weight
Graphene 360+ Prestige Mid93"20 mm16 x 1910 Points Head Light11.3 ounces
Graphene 360+ Prestige Pro95"22 mm16 x 199 Points Head Light11.1 ounces
Graphene 360+ Prestige MP98"20 mm18 x 2010 Points Head Light11.3 ounces
Graphene 360+ Prestige Tour99"21.5 mm18 x 197 Points Head Light10.8 ounces


Yonex Ezone Deep Blue Racquets

Yonex EZone Deep Blue Tennis RacquetThe Yonex Ezone tagline is “Seize the Power”. The franchise is represented on tour by two of the biggest hitters around; Nick Kyrgios, and Naomi Osaka. Though the Ezones put plenty of power at your disposal, they also offer impressive all-court versatility due to their unique new Aero engineering. This year, Yonex added Vibration Dampening Mesh inside the handle to make the racquets more comfortable. The Ezone 98 has a variable beam width of 24/23/19 mm to give advanced players plenty of feel for the ball, and some impressive put-away power in the upper-hoop. A new flexible graphite called M40X had been embedded in the throat of the new Ezone racquets to help maintain power and stability, while simultaneously increasing flex. The most popular versions will be the Ezone 98 and Ezone 100, and they have the most control of the entire Ezone family. The rest of the racquets include the 98L, 100L, 105, 108, 100SL, and Ezone Game.


RacquetHead SizeBeam WidthString PatternUnstrung BalanceUnstrung Weight
Ezone 9898"23/24/19 mm16 x 199 Points Head Light10.8 ounces
Ezone 98L98"23/24/19 mm16 x 194 Points Head Light10.1 ounces
Ezone 100100"23.5/26/22 mm16 x 197 Points Head Light10.6 ounces
Ezone 100L100"23.5/26/22 mm16 x 196 Points Head Light10.1 ounces
Ezone 100 SL100"23.5/26/22 mm16 x 184 Points Head Light9.5 ounces
Ezone 105105"23.5/26/23 mm16 x 194 Points Head Light9.7 ounces
Ezone 108108"26/29/24 mm16 x 184 Points Head Light9.0 ounces
Ezone Game100"24/27/23 mm16 x 194 Points Head Light9.5 ounces



Babolat Flag Racquets

Babolat is only a few months past the release of the 3rd Gen Pure Strike tennis racquets, but they have tons of special “Flag” edition racquets to get you into the 2020 Summer Olympic spirit. The Babolat 3rd Gen Pure Strike (16×19), Pure Aero, and Pure Drive are available in a USA, France, and Japan cosmetic. The racquets have some really nice detail, and make a great addition to the lineup. Babolat included Argentina, Brazil, and the good ol’ US of A in their BOOST lineup for outstanding value.

Babolat USA Flag Tennis Racquets


Dunlop SX Racquets


Dunlop SX Tennis Racquet GraphicDunlop’s CX racquets were some of the most impressive frames in 2018. With the new SX models, Dunlop focused on increasing ball control by producing more spin. The brand is continuing with their innovative Sonic Core technology with Infinergy which provides an addictive sound at contact. The technology also helps make the new SX racquets much more comfort-focused than many of Dunlop’s competitors.


The SX series features SPIN BOOST Grommets, which allow for more specific string movement, and better accuracy on off-center hits. The SX Lineup includes the 300 Tour, 300, 300LS, 300 Lite, and 600.


RacquetHead SizeBeam WidthString PatternUnstrung BalanceUnstrung Weight
SX 300 Tour100"23/26/23 mm16 x 199 Points Head Light10.9 ounces
SX 300100"23/26/23 mm16 x 197 Points Head Light10.6 ounces
SX 300LS100"23/26/23 mm16 x 196 Points Head Light10.1 ounces
SX 300 Lite100"23/26/23 mm16 x 194 Points Head Light9.5 ounces
SX 600105"23/26.5/23 mm16 x 19 4 Points Head Light9.5 ounces



We are excited to see how the rest of 2020 shakes out in the racquet world, and there are rumors of something new coming soon from Wilson. Stay tuned.

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