Best Pickleball Gear – Look Dashing while Smashing the Pickleball!

best pickleball gear

The best pickleball gear is here so watch out there’s a new racquet sport in town!

Pickleball can be played indoors, outdoors, and year-round, and it’s considered one of the fastest-growing sports in the U.S., and for good reason.

It’s also relatively easy to pick up and inexpensive too.

If you’re not sure how to look dashing while smashing the ball on the pickleball court, here are some great places to start.


Pickleball shoes can make a subtle statement or an outrageous one.

Sometimes it’s a matter of personal preference.

But don’t base your opinion solely on looks.  If you do, you could miss out on a ton of technologies integrated into the newly engineered pickleball shoes.

Qualities like wider pivoting areas, mesh and synthetic materials used to wick-away unwanted moisture, and specific areas of cushioning targeted for comfort and performance.

Take for example these Fila Men’s Volley Zone Pickleball Shoes in black, white, and yellow.

Best Pickleball Gear Fila Men's ShoesTell me they don’t look like some of the best pickleball gear around, right?

Not only do they look dapper, but these pickleball shoes also have a high abrasion toe cap to ensure added durability. They have extra padding in the ankle area creating extra support.

And – to top things off – the outsole is non-marking. It is manufactured from a high abrasion rubber that promotes pivoting, an essential element for the unique demands of pickleball.

Another pair of pickleball shoes that is worthy of a good look, are the K-Swiss Men`s Express Light Pickleball Shoes.

Best Pickleball Gear Men's K-Swiss Shoes

Yes, these too are another showstopper!

Talk about innovation.  These are the first-ever K-Swiss Men`s Express Light Pickleball Shoes.

They were inspired by the popular Hypercourt Express.

These pickleball shoes are lightweight and give pickleball players the ultimate in comfort, breathability, and stability on the pickleball court.

They’re great for the side-to-side motions a pickleball pro makes and they feature a customized pickleball sock-liner.

Yes, you read that correctly. There is an Ortholite sock-liner embedded into the innersole.  This liner helps manage moisture, promotes ventilation, and provides additional comfort, for even the most difficult of feet.

Other features about this pickleball shoe include seamless construction that helps minimizes stitching areas and reduces potential irritants.  It also has a heel grip lining that helps lock your heel in place, reducing slippage on the court.

You’d be amazed by how many other big-name tennis shoe manufacturers are recognizing the exponential growth in the game of pickleball.  They’re putting their own spin onto some of their most popular tennis shoe designs and customizing them to fit the needs of pickleball players.

These tennis shoe innovators include Fila, K-Swiss, Head, Babolat, Mizuno, Lotto Diadora, and more.  You can check out some of the best pickleball gear from them by visiting


If suave, debonair, and clutch are what you’re going for on the pickleball court, then do we have the bag for you!

Best Pickleball Gear HEAD Bag

Allow me to introduce the HEAD Tour Supercombi Pickleball Bag.

This is the ultimate in portable storage luxury.  This bag was built for the avid pickleball competitor but will work for pickleball players at all levels.

With a large main compartment that can hold up to 4 paddles, it has other interior accessory pockets that can hold an additional 4 paddles.

Yes, you read that right.  This bag holds 8 paddles and all the loot you would expect to use on the pickleball court.

There is a front pocket with enough space for a couple personal items, and a vented shoe compartment that’s perfect for hiding place your pickleball shoes or slightly-moist apparel.

The Tour Supercombi also includes a padded eye-wear compartment and a built-in fence hook to keep your bag off the ground.

It can be toted as a bag or easily converted into a backpack with durable and comfortable straps.  This pickleball gear bag measures 24.8 inches, by 13 inches by 16 inches and is available in black, with teal and lava accents.

There are a plethora of bags to choose from ranging in style, size, and price. It’s all about meeting your needs whether you’re on the court, headed to the court, or counting down the days until your next match.


While it might be true that no two pickleball paddles are alike, these paddles are some of the best pickleball gear on the market.

You’ll want to get acquainted with these fabulous four.

Best Pickleball Gear Paddles

Each has its own unique set of features with extras like carbon fiber in the hitting surface or a Honeycomb Core to ensure comfort and forgiveness of play.

In addition to a variety of color schemes, these paddles vary in weight, length, playing surface, and technologies, including their genetic makeup.

It has a 4-inch grip size which is pretty standard and pickleball overwraps can be added for additional comfort and support.

On average these paddles weigh between 7.5 and 8.5 ounces.

The Rebel Power is a little on the heavier side since it’s touting for being Babolat’s most powerful paddle.

These pickleball paddles are great for all levels of competition.

But this category too has a wide selection to choose from.

Check out the growing assortment of paddles from other top-name manufacturers at


Surprisingly there’s a nice overlay when it comes to tennis and the best pickleball gear –  apparel!

That being said, this is one shirt you will want to be sure to add to your wardrobe.Babolat Men's Pickleball Tee

The Babolat Men`s Pickleball Tee is 100% cotton, comes in a variety of sizes, and sports a simple message across the chest: PICKLE.  Naturally, Babolat included their name on the front and logo on the back.

This black and yellow tee can be worn untucked or tucked for a more polished look.


Now, you don’t need to be a chef to know that it can get pretty hot in the kitchen! (The kitchen on the pickleball court that is.)

Best Pickleball AccessoriesThis is why it’s important to purchase the best pickleball gear.

Click here for indoor balls.

Click here for outdoor balls.

If you have space, say in a basement or backyard, you can purchase one of these portable nets.

No matter what sport your playing, whether tennis, pickleball, badminton, or even table-top tennis, it’s always a good idea to stay hydrated.   Check out our great selection of Hydroflasks!  These even make FABULOUS gifts!

There you have it, a few suggestions on how to look DASHING while SMASHING the pickleball.

Be sure to check out more great tennis and pickleball items at

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