Best Tennis Shoes for Pickleball

Pickleball and tennis are two very different sports. Instead of racquets, you have paddles, the rules are different, and even the balls are different! So then what kind of shoe would be the best fit for pickleball? Can tennis shoes be worn to play pickleball? The short answer is yes.

This is because while the games are different, the type of shoes you pick will depend on the movement and surface you’re playing on.  Pickleball is commonly played on indoor and outdoor courts.

Indoor Courts

Indoor Pickleball Shoe

Indoor courts have polished wood surfaces that can easily be scuffed or scratched. This means that they require a  thinner softer outsole to help you get traction while protecting the hardwood floors.  These shoes are often lighter than outdoor shoes, allowing for quicker movements. So the best shoes to wear on an indoor pickleball court are either indoor tennis shoes, indoor pickleball shoes, indoor squash shoes, or indoor volleyball shoes.

Some indoor shoes that would work great for pickleball are:

While these shoes are great for indoors it’s important to wear outdoor shoes for outdoor courts. This is because if you wear indoor shoes on an outdoor court, you will wear through the soles faster and need new shoes more often.

Outdoor Courts

Pickleball Outdoor Shoe

When it comes to outdoor surfaces like tennis courts, they have an abrasive texture or grit on the surface that requires more durable shoes. These shoes will feel a bit heavier but will hold up to the wear and tear from a hard court. Their thicker outsole is the main thing that helps these shoes hold up to hard court surfaces. They also have a herringbone pattern that provides the best traction for hard court surfaces.

The best tennis shoes to use on a pickleball outdoor court would be any hard court shoe.

Lateral Movement

Pickleball Shoes

Another thing to consider when choosing a shoe for pickleball is to make sure to get a shoe that can withstand a lot of lateral movement. Tennis shoes are great for this, however, some are better than others. Some good tennis shoes to start with for lateral movement are:

Tennis Shoe Don’ts for Pickleball

The tennis shoes that you don’t want to use on a pickleball court are clay shoes and grass court shoes. Most pickleball courts only fall into the indoor or outdoor categories. However, in tennis, there are indoor, hard court, clay court, and grass court shoes. Each tennis shoe and pickleball shoe is designed for a specific court, it is essential to make sure your shoes are made for the court you plan to play on. Wearing the wrong shoe for the court can result in damaged courts and cost you more in shoe replacement.

If you are looking for a shoe that best fits your needs for the court, check out Tennis Express for all your pickleball shoe needs. We can help you find the best shoe for your game!



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